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Zurich is an insurance company with a strong presence in Switzerland. In this article, we take a look at its car insurance offerings. The company offers many useful options, such as bonus protection for its policyholders. It's also one of the only Swiss insurers to offer insurance per kilometer. While not necessarily the cheapest insurance, it is undoubtedly one of the most comprehensive. Let's take a closer look at this partner, to find out if it meets your expectations.

What products does Zurich assurance offer?

Zurich is an insurance company that offers all kinds of products. You could take out auto insurance, home insurance or private liability.
In principle, insurers offering such a wide range of products are likely to market offers for customers holding several contracts with their services. If you draw up a quote, don't hesitate to try and negotiate, if you can combine your car insurance with another policy with this insurance company.

Zoom on Zurich car insurance

Our team investigated the various coverages offered by Zurich car insurance. Everything seems to come together to take advantage of comprehensive coverage.

Levels of insurance with Zurich

Policyholders can choose the level of car insurance that suits them, from Zurich Insurance Company's offering.
  • The civil liability covers damage caused by the insured to third parties.
  • Thepartial casco allows you to insure yourself against losses arising from external causes such as theft, vandalism, bad weather or a collision with an animal.
  • The casco collision covers the insured, when he/she is responsible for a collision.
The compulsory cover for driving in Switzerland is third-party liability. In general, people with older cars are satisfied with this coverage. For others, comprehensive cover is essential. The term "casco complet" (comprehensive) is used when partial and collision cover are combined.

Z Volt and electric car insurance

Zurich is one of the insurers committed to promoting cleaner vehicles. Electric car owners will be able to take advantage of a bonus, enabling them to pay less. They will also be able to access the Z VOLT app, to find a charging station, and take advantage of a preferential rate.
Finally, the battery plus option provides cover for damage that may affect the car's battery.

Zurich and its young driver insurance

The Zurich insurance company has thought up a formula specifically dedicated to young people under 25. They can benefit from a bonus, if they report no claims during the first three years of insurance. This takes the form of a reimbursement of 10% of the premium.
Furthermore, if the insured's parents already have two contracts with the company, the premium benefits from a discount of 15%. That's a nice saving often necessary to be able to insure a young driver in Switzerland.

Mileage-based car insurance with Zurich

Zurich is among the only insurance companies to offer mileage-based car insurance in Switzerland. So you can take advantage of a reduction in premium, if you drive little. Beware, however, that if you exceed the limit stipulated in the contract, you may have to pay a substantial premium surcharge.
If you don't want to insure by the kilometer, you can rely on the standard formulas offered by the insurance company. Your insurer can help you assess the suitability of a kilometre-based formula.

Zurich approved garages

Zurich has a network of partner garages called Zurich Help Points. This lets policyholders know that they can easily be helped out, anywhere in Switzerland.
You'll need to take out an additional option, however, if you don't want to go through one of the garages in the network built by Zurich. This is a disadvantage if you have a garage that you systematically wish to call on in the event of a repair.

How much does car insurance with Zurich cost?

The Zurich insurance company is very well placed in terms of rates, particularly for segments such as young drivers. Indeed, it offers complex formulas to suit those who choose a recent car and need more options than just third-party liability.
To get your own rate, visit the insurer's website. You can also contact the insurer directly, providing information about your driver profile and the vehicle to be insured. This is the best way to obtain a tailor-made quote.

Contact Zurich Insurance

Zurich does not yet offer direct access to an online customer area. Nonetheless, the procedures remain fairly simple, since it is possible to declare a claim on the insurer's website.
To contact an advisor, you can:
  • Go to a Zurich insurance agency,
  • Telephone 0 800 80 80,
  • Write using the contact section available on the site.
The insurer, concerned with customer satisfaction, even offers a dedicated dissatisfaction section.
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