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TCS is like no other when it comes to car insurance. The Touring Club Suisse is indeed a non-profit association, offering insurance solutions. It currently has over 1.5 million members. So we decided to explore its auto insurance offering, to assess its relevance. You'll then be able to find out whether these formulas correspond to your expectations.

What products does TCS assurance offer?

TCS assurance is a specialist in vehicle insurance. Unlike groups such as AXA or Generali, you won't be able to take out any other type of insurance policy. For some individuals, it's a disadvantage not to be able to combine home and car insurance with the same provider.
It's important to stress that vehicle insurance is rather broad. For example, you can find products specifically dedicated to bicycle insurance.

Focus on TCS car insurance

TCS offers the levels of insurance usually offered by all other insurance companies. The strong point of this Swiss insurance player seems to be the responsiveness of customer service and assistance.

Levels of insurance with TCS

TCS insurance customers to insure themselves according to three formulas:
  • The S scope insurance, which provides third-party liability and partial casco, at an attractive rate. However, you'll have to pay a substantial deductible in the event of a claim.
  • The Scope M,which also combines these two coverages, with lower deductibles than the formula previously presented. The insurer also adds options such as coverage for personal effects taken along.
  • The Scope L, which includes collision coverage.

TCS driving lessons

One of the unique features of TCS assurances is the possibility of taking driving lessons, via the association. This increases policyholders' experience on the road, to reduce the risk of claims. So it's only natural that those who lend themselves to the driving lessons game should benefit from a significant discount on the price of their premium.

Total damage insurance

The weak point of insurance with TCS seems to be the assumption of responsibility for the vehicle in the event of total damage. On most contracts, the minimum value in dispute is high.

Customer service and assistance available

On the plus side, customer service and assistance are available 24/7. Policyholders can therefore count on assistance in the event of a claim or breakdown. What's more, customers rate the insurer's services as efficient.

Being a TCS member

TCS operates according to the sociétariat system. Customers will therefore have the opportunity to become TCS members. This gives them access to superior contract options. The price of premiums is also positively impacted, to make more savings.

Other car insurance options with TCS

Policyholders will be able to subscribe to various options such as:
  • Windscreen breakage,
  • Fault cover,
  • Bonus protection,
  • Parking damage
  • Passenger insurance,
  • ...Ect.
This therefore offers the possibility of a tailor-made contract that truly matches your needs.

How much does car insurance with TCS cost?

TCS often ranks among the cheapest insurers, when using an online insurance comparator. On the other hand, the rates displayed are often those offered to TCS members.

The price of a TCS car insurance policy

Like any other car insurance professional, TCS calculates the amount of the premium according to:
  • The insured's profile,
  • His history on the road,
  • The vehicle insured.
The greater the risk taken by the insurer, the higher the premium will be. Thus, a young driver with little experience on the road, or the insurance of a very powerful car, can weigh on the proposed rate.
Also remember that TCS does not offer any specific formula for young drivers.

Excesses with TCS

TCS therefore seems to be the ideal interlocutor, when you're looking for cheap car insurance in Switzerland. It's important to point out that most of the time, policyholders will have to pay high deductibles, in order to obtain compensation. It is therefore sometimes preferable to opt for a higher premium, so as not to have to pay a deductible.

Contact TCS insurance

Before contacting TCS insurance, you can visit the FAQ available on the site. The latter is very comprehensive, and answers most of the questions of future policyholders.
You can also count on:
  • A telephone line reserved for assistance and breakdowns on 0 800 140 140
  • Customer service available:
    • by telephone on 0 844 888 111
    • by Whatsapp on 058 827 55 00
    • from abroad on +41 58 827 27 27
You can also contact TCS assurance by post. Unfortunately, there is no contact or chat section available directly on the association's website.
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