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Generali is one of Switzerland's leading Autoversicherung providers. It offers simple formulas with quality guarantees. While its rates are often not the most attractive on the market, customers praise its quality customer service. What's more, there are a number of tricks you can use to lower the price of your premium. Discover our team's deciphering.

What products does Generali assurance offer?

Generali is the ideal insurer for those who want to group all their contracts with a single insurance company. In fact, it offers all kinds of contracts, from home insurance to pet insurance and even provident health insurance.
Approaching an insurer, issuing the possibility of repatriating several contractscan enable you to negotiate prices. If you need other insurance, don't hesitate to tell the advisor who accompanies you.

Zoom on Generali Autoversicherung

In Switzerland, compulsory insurance is third-party liability. Generali of course offers policies exclusively with this coverage. You can, however, subscribe to more options, to be better protected.

Levels of insurance with Generali

Generali offers three insurance packages:
  • The MINIMA, which corresponds to the essentials, i.e. simple third-party liability to cover yourself against damage caused to third parties.
  • The CLASSIC, to take advantage of additional services, such as partial casco or protection of the insured's bonus.
  • The OPTIMA, the most comprehensive formula, featuring numerous options, such as collision damage waiver or even gross negligence insurance.
The advantage of auto insurance with Generali is that policyholders can put together the contract that suits them best, based on the options they find relevant. So it can be a question of budget, but also a question of quality of protection.

Promoting eco-friendly cars

Generali encourages individuals to buy more eco-friendly cars. For example, if you buy an electric car, you can take advantage of a 20% discount on your first year's insurance with this company. The savings are therefore significant, for those who choose to take care of the planet.

Assistance with Generali

We couldn't analyze Generali's services, without mentioning the quality of its customer service and assistance. The brand is rated 4.4/5 by its customers. They can indeed count on responsive customer service. assistance is available 24 hours a day all year round.
If you want to take out full or partial comprehensive cover, then this is potentially the right place to turn. You'll be supported in every situation.

How much does Autoversicherung with Generali cost?

Generali doesn't rank among the cheapest insurers, for simple third-party liability. It can nevertheless be competitive on the most comprehensive contracts.

The Generali insurance premium

The insurance premium is calculated according to the insured's profile, but also the vehicle he or she wishes to cover. A cautious driver with several years' experience on the road, for example, will pay less than a young driver or someone who has already had a malus.
Also, a car with a high market value potentially involves large insurance payouts. A powerful car can also increase the risk of claims. This is the type of information that will generally be used to calculate the amount of insurance.
For comprehensive insurance, Generali is competitive. If you have a recent vehicle, don't hesitate to ask for your rate on the company's website.

Tricks to pay less

A few tricks can help you pay less for your Autoversicherung with Generali. First of all, the insurance company offers a discount of -10% for all online subscriptions. So if you don't feel the need to go to an agency to get a quote and send in your documents, you can do it that way. Moreover, processing times are generally faster when an insurer offers online services.
Generali offers three main insurance formulas. However, you are not obliged to subscribe to all the options associated with them. Don't hesitate to study them, to find out which ones are really useful. For example, passenger insurance is not useful if you are exclusively transporting Swiss nationals. They're already covered for this type of damage.

Contact Generali insurance

To contact Generali, you can:
  • Go to an agency,
  • Request a call back on the site,
  • Call:
    • 0800 881 882 for information
    • 0800 82 84 86 for a claim
    • +41 58 472 00 00 from abroad.
The site also features a contact form. Finally, you can consult the Generali FAQ, which answers most of the questions future customers may have. In any case, you'll benefit from responsive customer service, from subscription to termination.
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