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Optics: What does basic health insurance reimburse?

Basic health insurance does not cover the cost of glasses and contact lenses for adults, and has not since January 1, 2011.
In the case of a specific illness and on prescription from an ophthalmologist, compulsory health insurance could reimburse part of the costs, up to CHF 630 per eye, only in the case of glasses or contact lenses purchased in Switzerland.
For children up to the age of 18, compulsory health insurance reimburses CHF 180 per year, subject to an ophthalmologist's prescription, for glasses or contact lenses purchased in Switzerland.

Is it worthwhile taking out complementary eyewear/optics insurance?

If you wish to obtain reimbursements for your optical expenses, it will be necessary to take out complementary insurance. As a result, you will be able to obtain reimbursement for your contact lenses and corrective lenses as well as frames and other eye treatments such as laser
The health insurance company may also cover part of the cost of your sunglasses in the case of corrective lenses, on presentation of the purchase invoice.
Supplementary optical insurance is often included in packages and is rarely offered on its own. Your health insurance company will therefore offer you a package of benefits that may include dental or world coverage.

What does supplementary insurance reimburse?

Supplementary insurance for glasses and contact lenses starts at an average of CHF 10 per month.
With supplementary insurance coverage, you don't need a prescription - a visit to the optician is all you need to get reimbursed.
Be careful, however, to check coverage and maximum amounts before taking out any supplementary optical insurance.

Myopic, presbyopic, astigmatic and hypermetropic surgery : Coverage

By taking out complementary insurance, you can benefit from coverage for corrective eye surgery. Be careful, however, to check the annual packages offered by your company.

How to choose the right optical & contact lens insurance?

In order to benefit from optimal coverage, it's important to compare all the products offered by the various insurance companies on the market. Comparea offers you a live comparison tool, among more than 41 companies compared.

How much does a complementary insurance plan for glasses cost?

On average, you'll find supplementary optical and eyewear insurance starting at around ten francs a month. In some cases, premiums can rise to 50 francs for extensive coverage.

How much does supplementary insurance cover for glasses?

The majority of supplementary insurances cover between CHF 100 and CHF 300 per year maximum for your glasses and contact lenses. Despite this, many insurances only cover a percentage of this amount.

Is there a waiting period when I take out supplementary insurance for my glasses?

Indeed, some health insurance companies apply a waiting period, a period during which, from the time of subscription, you cannot claim any reimbursement of benefits. In some cases, this period can last up to a year.
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