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La Mobilière is a Swiss insurance company offering auto insurance for all budgets. Individuals or professionals, you can choose the level of insurance that suits you, to cover you on board your vehicle. Our team invites you to discover its analysis of the quality of this insurer's services. You'll also discover a few tips, to be well insured, via La Mobilière contracts.

What products does La Mobilière insurance offer?

Like many insurance companies, La Mobilière doesn't just offer car insurance contracts. Customers can find a multitude of different products, to insure their home, take out provident health insurance or private liability.
It can be very convenient to use this kind of insurance company. It allows all these contracts to be grouped together in one place. Moreover, having several contracts with the same insurer to potentially allow you to negotiate its rates. So it's potentially a good idea, if you want to pay less for your car insurance la Mobilière.

Zoom on La Mobilière car insurance

Here's our breakdown of the various options you can take out, with a la Mobilière car insurance policy.

Levels of insurance with La Mobilière

La Mobilière offers three levels of insurance, which are those generally marketed by Swiss insurers:
  • The civil liability is the minimum to take out, when you own a car in Switzerland. It covers third parties in the event of damage caused by the insured. For someone on a tight budget, it's possible to make do with it.
  • Thepartial casco allows you yourself to be covered against a number of damages such as collision with an animal, bad weather, glass breakage or even vehicle theft.
  • The casco collision allows you to be insured, even when the collision is caused by the insured.
You may already have heard of casco complète. This is a contract that combines partial casco and collision casco.

24-hour assistance

Most La Mobilière car insurance contracts come with what's known as assistance. This allows you to be noticed in the event of an accident or breakdown on the road. The fact that this cover is generally included is a real asset, helping toprotect policyholders in the event of the unexpected.

Reimbursement of the purchase price

The policyholder may be faced with a situation known as total damage. The vehicle is then out of action, and will not be repaired because repairs are too expensive or impossible.
With Mobilière, policyholders have the opportunity to benefit from a reimbursement of the vehicle's value as new during the first two years of registration.

The insurance of things transported

As an option, it will be possible to take out insurance of things transported. For a private individual, this can provide insurance for personal effects, which could be damaged in the event of a claim.
This cover is all the more relevant, when it comes to car insurance for a professional. A craftsman driving a commercial vehicle will thus be able to benefit from insurance, on the materials or equipment transported.

Fast reimbursements with La Mobilières

Among La Mobilière's strengths in car insurance, we note the speed with which files are processed. This enables policyholders to be compensated quicklyin the event of a claim. The responsiveness of customer service is a real plus.

How much does car insurance with La Mobilière cost?

The rates charged by La Mobilière for car insurance are average. Nevertheless, customers will be able to take advantage of a number of benefits.

The price of car insurance with La Mobilière

La Mobilière calculates the price of its premiums according to the profile of the insured and the vehicle insured. It's really a question of determining the risk price, by proposing coverage. For example, a policyholder who has already had several claims, or who wishes to insure a very powerful car, may be subject to an additional premium.

The price of car insurance with La Mobilière as a young driver

La Mobilière offers car insurance tailored to young drivers. under 26 to take advantage of certain benefits. A premium discount of 200 francs is available for those who agree to take two driving courses, through the insurer. A further 100 francs can be saved by taking more driving lessons, to reduce the risk of claims.
In addition, the insurer offers an entry bonus level of 65% instead of 100%.

Contacting La Mobilière insurance

To answer their questions, La Mobilière customers can rely on a comprehensive FAQ, presented on the company's website. Alternatively, the insurance company can be contacted directly via:
  • The contact form,
  • By telephone in the event of a need for assistance on 0800 16 16 16 16 or +41 31 389 81 81 from abroad.
Apart from assistance, customer service cannot be reached by telephone.
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