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Axa is an international player renowned for the diversity and quality of its services. In Switzerland, it's perfectly possible to take out car insurance with this contact. We take a closer look at all the options on offer. Axa often ranks among the cheapest car insurers. Let's find out what lies behind these attractive rates.

What products does Axa insurance offer?

Axa offers an extremely comprehensive range of insurance products. Customers can choose from auto insurance, home insurance and all kinds of provident insurance. This contact also positions itself in areas such as digital, offering innovative solutions adapted to the use of new technologies.

Zoom on Axa car insurance

Axa contracts work with basic coverages, to which it is possible to add options. We offer an informed analysis of the offering from this insurance company with a strong presence in Switzerland.

Axa third-party liability

Axa customers can first settle for the minimum, with simple motor third-party liability. The contract is then used exclusively to cover damage caused to third parties. These are the cheapest contracts, which correspond perfectly to the insurance of an old vehicle.
As an option, you can also take out cover for damage to your property.

The casco with Axa

With the partial cascoproposed by Axa, you can be covered against damage caused by natural events, collisions with animals or even strangers.
You'll need to take out an additional option to benefit from what's known ascasco collision, enabling the insured to be protected in the event of an at-fault collision.Also considered as options are cover for parking damage, and damage to tires, the passenger compartment or even headlights. Coverage for things taken with you is also optional.

Axa electric car insurance

Axa offers formulas specifically designed for electric vehicles. These include insuring your battery, in the event of mishandling or loss of autonomy. The home charging station, which can also be covered by the insurance contract.

Other available options

Among the other available options, to be added to your car contract, Axa offers:
  • Protection in the event of gross negligence,
  • Bonus protection in the event of a claim,
  • Troubleshooting and onward travel in the event of a claim abroad,
  • The price of a replacement vehicle,
  • Legal protection for the vehicle,
  • Cover for damage suffered by passengers.

Total damage: Axa's weak point in Switzerland

Total damage seems to be Axa's weak point in Switzerland. In fact, unlike other insurers, the insurance company does not offer reimbursement of the increased market value. Policyholders will therefore have to make do with a simple market value reimbursement.

How much does car insurance with Axa cost?

You may want to take out a policy with Axa, for its attractive rates and comprehensive packages. Beware, however, of certain costs to be anticipated.

Inexpensive car insurance with Axa

Axa is indeed the right partner, if you're looking for a cheap contract. Nevertheless, you'll often have to agree to give up certain options, to get a contract at an attractive price.
Contrary to popular belief for certain driver profiles or even for certain vehicles, Axa remains competitive, even for the most comprehensive contracts. This is why it's important to obtain a quotation on a case-by-case basis, to find out the price offered by the brand.

Beware of deductibles and surcharges

To find out the true rate offered by accent for your needs, the best thing to do is to use the calculator available on the brand's website. This will enable you to enter all the options you need, and which could impact the price of the premium.
For example, Axa has a network of partner garages. If you want to be able to choose your own garage, you'll have to pay an additional option. This type of cost must imperatively be taken into account by the insured prior to subscription.
We also note deductibles that can be high, when opting for the cheapest contracts.

Contacting Axa insurance

To contact Axa, you can visit one of the many agencies available on Swiss territory. You can also opt for:
  • Contact by phone, by calling Axa breakdown or accident assistance:
    • on 0800 809 809 from Switzerland
    • on +41 800 809 809 or + 41 58 218 11 00 from abroad.
  • By post to: Axa, General-Guisan-Strasse 40, 8400 Winterthur.
In the contact section of its website, the insurance company also offers you the option of contacting it by WhatsApp, Apple iMessage, Facebook Messenger or via a classic contact form.
We note that among customer reviews, some complain of having difficulty reaching Axa from abroad.
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