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Helvetia is one of the oldest insurance companies on the Swiss market. Nevertheless, it stands out for its ability to use new technologies, to offer innovative solutions to its customers. Our team invites you to discover the auto insurance products it offers. While it's not necessarily the most competitive company, the options on offer are among the most comprehensive.

What products does Helvetia assurance offer?

Helvetia is not an insurance company specializing in car insurance. It offers a wide range of vehicle insurance. Customers can also count on a whole range of products relating to home and legal insurance, as well as provident and health insurance.
The group can potentially offer attractive rates to people with several contracts. It may therefore be worthwhile, when quoting, to consider subscribing to all your contracts with the same insurer.

Zoom on Helvetia car insurance

To help you find out whether Helvetia offers the package you need, here's a zoom on the levels of cover and options available.

Levels of insurance with Helvetia

Like almost all insurers in Switzerland, Helvetia offers three levels of insurance:
  • The car third-party liability, which insures you for damage you cause to third parties.
  • Thepartial casco, to be covered against claims from external elements such as collision with an animal or bad weather.
  • The casco collision, which provides coverage when you yourself are responsible for a car collision.
For each of these formulas, the customer will have the choice between a contract with no deductible and a contract with a deductible in the event of a claim, offered at a more attractive rate.

Bonus protection

One of the brand's biggest assets is to offer bonus protection, in the event of an at-fault claim. So there will be no premium increase for the insured.

Valuing clean vehicles

Helvetia is a Swiss insurer committed to promoting cleaner vehicles. Thus, cars running on environmentally friendly fuelcan benefit from the ProClimat formula. It entitles you to a bonus, for a lower premium. This offer is therefore valid for electric car insurance or LPG car insurance.

Free choice of garage

In addition to the three classic insurance levels, Helvetia offers the following options to add to your contract:
  • Parking car damage cover,
  • Battery and charging station cover for electric car owners,
  • Car equipment insurance, with no value limit,
  • Tire damage coverage,
  • Insurance for personal items carried,
  • Assistance in the event of breakdown or accident,
  • Coverage for glass breakage,
  • Insurance for increased current value in the event of total damage.
Also, we emphasize the fact that Helvetia does not impose any partner garage on its customers. You are therefore free to choose your contact if you need to carry out a repair.

How much does car insurance with Helvetia cost?

Helvetia is not among the best-placed Swiss insurers in terms of rates. Nevertheless, it's still possible to enjoy good value for money, by taking advantage of the brand's good deals.

Calculating your premium with Helvetia

To calculate the amount of your premium, Helvetia will carefully study your driver profile. Have you ever had a malus? Have you ever been responsible for a claim? What is your age and gender? These are all questions that help the insurer determine the risks involved in insuring you.
The vehicle's characteristics are also crucial in determining the price of insurance with Helvetia. The higher the market value of a car, the higher the premium is likely to be. In addition, a powerful car means a greater risk of claim. This can be reflected in the premium.

Is Helvetia more expensive than the others?

For people looking for insurance with low or zero deductibles, Helvetia offers policies at relatively high rates. However, it is possible to reduce the price, especially if you have your own vehicle. What's more, for all online subscriptions, customers benefit from a 15% discount on their manual price.

Helvetia assurance: contact

For information, you can do so:
  • Via the chat available on the brand's website,
  • Thanks to the contact form, also available on the site,
  • Directly by phone on + 41 58 280 1000
Most of the time, the brand is quite responsive to questions from new customers. You can count on this same responsiveness, should you need to take any administrative steps during the course of your contract, such as declaring a claim.
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