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In Switzerland, all supplementary insurances play an essential role in extending healthcare beyond compulsory basic coverage. Choosing the right supplementary insurance is crucial to addressing all facets of your well-being. The health benefits offered by compulsory basic insurance are essential, but supplementary insurance extends these benefits to meet a wide range of needs. Let's take a closer look at supplementary hospital insurance.
The benefits offered by supplementary insurance considerably broaden your choices. Supplementary hospital insurance in Switzerland gives you the freedom to select the hospital that best meets your specific medical needs from among the various hospitals. Every hospital in Switzerland offers a high level of medical competence and quality service. Whether you prefer a renowned institution in your region, or want to look for a hospital that specializes in a particular field, you have the freedom to make this decision. With supplementary hospital insurance, you also have plenty of other advantages (e.g. free choice of doctor), which we'll detail below.
Indeed, when you need medical care, it's comforting to know that you can count on good care to provide you with quality assistance and services. Knowing that you can choose your doctor can be reassuring in this way.
However, it is essential to note that the cost of your insurance premium must be taken into account. The choice between different services and benefits (general ward, semi-private, private, choice of doctor, choice between different hospitals) depends on your preferences and your budget. The cost of a hospital stay varies according to various factors, including length of stay and desired level of comfort. Striking a balance between the service you want, the importance or otherwise of choosing the doctor who will treat you, the benefits that are important to you and the cost of the premium is essential for the right supplementary insurance.

What is general ward coverage?

In Switzerland, you can benefit from a more extensive network of hospitals and clinics, depending on your health insurance company.
Hospitalization in a general ward allows you to extend your coverage to a number of cantons, provided the hospital you choose is on the list of hospitals in the chosen canton. The daily costs covered are limited and are set by the benefits of the supplementary plan.

What is the semi-private ward?

If you need hospitalization, the semi-private ward gives you a free choice of location (hospitals or clinics) and specialists, as well as a twin-bedded room with slightly more comfort. A contribution towards the cost of hospital services is also covered. Some health insurance companies also cover childcare costs.

What is a private ward?

In Switzerland, a private ward gives you the greatest possible comfort during your hospital stay: free choice of doctor, place of hospitalization (hospitals or clinics) and a comfortable single room, even in an emergency. In some health insurance companies, supplementary hospitalization insurance can also cover your hospitalization costs abroad - not insignificant costs, and all this, even in an emergency.

What is the flex option?

In Switzerland, the flex option allows you to benefit from the services of the private or semi-private ward when you need them and are admitted to hospital. The flex option allows you to benefit from optimal services and greater comfort while maintaining a premium with attractive costs. In other words, when you enter the hospital, you choose whether to opt for the general, private or semi-private ward. Depending on this free choice, costs are either fully covered or partially covered by insurance.

What are the costs associated with a hospital stay?

In Switzerland, a hospital stay can generate considerable costs, which depend on various elements and different services, namely:
  • The number of healthcare professionals involved in the patient's care.
  • The medical equipment required for the patient's care.
  • The nature of the patient's illness and any complications that may arise.
  • The total length of hospital stay.
  • The geographical region where the hospital is located and the patient's specific choice of establishment.
  • The level of comfort desired by the patient, whether in a private or semi-private room.

What is covered by basic insurance?

Basic health insurance in Switzerland covers the medical costs associated with a hospital stay in a shared room (note: The hospital must be present on the hospital list your canton of residence.), which includes the costs of treatment, accommodation and meals. Please note that basic health insurance does not allow you to choose your doctor. As well as these benefits, there are still costs to be borne by the insured, such as:
  • The deductible (provided it has not yet been reached).
  • The co-payment (capped at 700 francs per year for adults and 350 francs per year for children).
  • A hospital lump sum of 15 francs per day.
It's important to note that co-payment does not apply in the following cases:
  • Children up to the age of 18.
  • Adults up to the age of 25 in education.
  • Pregnant women receiving maternity benefits, who are exempt from the deductible and co-payment during their pregnancy and up to three months after giving birth.
  • People who have already reached their annual deductible and maximum co-payment, as once these thresholds have been reached, the insurance covers all medical costs.

What is covered by supplementary hospitalization insurance?

The advantages for a patient of taking out private or semi-private supplementary insurance in Switzerland are as follows:
  • The ability to cover the full cost of benefits depending on the premium selected.
  • The exclusive ability of private or semi-private supplementary insurances to cover the costs associated with a stay in a private or semi-private room in hospital.
  • The choice of the doctor who will take care of you, as well as the possibility of staying in a facility of one's free choice (hospitals or private clinics), outside one's canton of residence.
  • Depending on the premium chosen, the possibility of benefiting from the assumption of costs related to family maintenance (such as household and children) or benefiting from shorter treatment times.
We hope we've answered your questions. For a precise premium amount based on your choice of division, go to our comparison.
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