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Allianz is one of the most popular Swiss insurance companies among private customers. It offers a wide variety of different coverages, when it comes to car insurance. In this article, our team will show you how Allianz can help you insure your car. If it's not the cheapest insurer, it offers very comprehensive cover, which may well convince you.

What products does Allianz assurance offer?

Allianz is an insurance company that offers a wide variety of insurance products. By calling on its services, you can insure your car, your home or even your travel. Whatever your needs, don't hesitate to use the premium calculator available on the company's website. It will enable you to obtain a personalized rate in just a few clicks.

Zoom on Allianz car insurance

We suggest you discover all the coverages offered by Allianz, to find those that might be useful in your situation.

Allianz insurance levels

Each policyholder must take out the level of insurance that suits his or her situation. In Switzerland, the only compulsory insurance is civil liability. It covers the insured, for any damage he or she may cause to third parties. A person with a small budget auto insurance, or with an older vehicle can quite happily make do with this insurance.
For additional coverage, you can opt for partial casco. This provides compensation for all damage caused by external factors, such as animals, bad weather, theft or vandalism. It will thus be possible to be covered, even if there is no responsible party.
The casco collision, meanwhile, is a level of cover enabling the insured to be covered when he or she is responsible for a collision.

Legal protection

The car insurance contract with Allianz can come with what is known as legal protection. The latter is useful, in the event of a dispute during a claim. The insurance company will take up the defense of its customer, putting in place the appropriate legal means.

Loved ones and property insurance

Additional options to the contract can insure the vehicle's passengers in the event of a claim. You can also take out cover for items transported. personal effects so they can be taken care of, should they be damaged in the event of a claim.
Insuring your belongings is also useful when it comes to a professional vehicle. This means you can insure materials or professional equipment transported in a car or van.

Total damage with Allianz

Total damage is a situation in which following a claim, it is not possible to repair a vehicle it can be aeconomic total damagewhen the amount of repairs is too high. We speak of technical total damage, when repairs are technically impossible.
With Allianz, customers can take advantage of a reimbursement of the vehicle's market value, plus 20%. Some insurers simply reimburse the market value. On the other hand, to avoid having to pay a deductible, you need to take out an additional option on the contract.

Grave fault protection

Sometimes, the insured is considered to be in grave fault when he or she is responsible for a claim. Allianz offers to take over the claim, even when the insured is still, and is recognized as being in serious misconduct. This can avoid having to pay substantial costs, to finance vehicle repairs or bodily injury claims against third parties.

How much does car insurance with Allianz cost?

When you compare quotes using an online insurance comparator, Allianz isn't always the best placed in terms of price. For car liability-type contracts, insurers like Axa or Smile generally offer more attractive rates.
Allianz is aimed more at people looking for a comprehensive contract, to obtain optimum protection. This insurance company is ideal, for example, if you want a complete insurance policy for a new vehicle.
You can also choose to make savings, by reducing the price of your premium. Allianz actually offers a flexible deductible. If you're prepared to pay a high deductible in the event of a claim, you can take advantage of low-cost insurance.

Contact Allianz insurance

Allianz is a relatively easy insurer to contact. First of all, you can choose to visit an agency, to meet directly with an advisor.
Customers can carry out their procedures and contact their insurer, directly from their customer space on the Allianz website. For new customers, the company can also be reached by telephone on +41 58 358 71 11.You can also use one of the brand's social networks, or contact it directly via the contact form available on the site.
Customers praise this insurer for its availability and responsiveness.

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