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In Switzerland, prenatal insurance is a health insurance contract taken out before the birth of a child. All you have to do is notify your health insurance company of the birth, and there's no health questionnaire to fill in. Comparea can help you find the most suitable prenatal health insurance contract at the best price.

What is prenatal insurance?

As its name suggests, prenatal insurance is cover taken out before the child is born. It enables the latter to be insured from the very beginning of its life, and to benefit from all the additional coverages desired by its parents.
Prenatal insurance is optional: you can perfectly well wait until your child is born to enroll him or her in KVG/LAMal, basic insurance or a private insurance company. The prenatal insurance contract has above all been designed to simplify life for parents and save them the hassle of having to complete the underwriting process when their baby is just born.
Once the prenatal insurance has been taken out, all the mother has to do is declare the child's birth to the insurance company when the time comes, so that the child can be insured from birth.
Note that prenatal insurance has no difference from a classic health insurance contract: the only difference is that it is taken out before the child is born.

Why choose prenatal health insurance?

Health insurance is compulsory coverage for everyone living in Switzerland. As a result, the baby must also be covered by health insurance, and this from birth. But of course, when a child is born, there's a lot to think about: parents don't feel much like carrying out administrative formalities.
With prenatal insurance, parents don't have to worry about underwriting at the time of birth. All they have to do is notify the health insurance fund that their baby has just been born, and the baby is immediately covered.
Thus, taking out prenatal health insurance guarantees that the child will be covered. Since it is taken out before birth, no health questionnaire is required when signing up: the child will therefore necessarily be covered, including in the event of complications at the time of delivery.

What does prenatal health insurance cover?

Prenatal health insurance includes LAMal basic insurance and all its coverages, namely:
  • Outpatient treatment by a doctor or chiropractor;
  • Medications on the list of specialties (LS) or treatments with tariff (LMT);
  • Health expenses during a hospital stay;
  • Emergency treatment abroad when return to Switzerland is impossible;
  • Medical transport;
  • Maternity and childbirth;
  • Psychotherapy, spa treatment and dietary consultations (on doctor's prescription).
When it comes to statutory cover, these are identical across all funds. However, administrative services as well as prices may differ. Above all, it is possible to apply for supplementary insurance that adds to the basic coverage. Here are a few examples of additional coverage:
  • Dental and orthodontic care;
  • Alternative medicine;
  • Hospitalization in a private or semi-private room;
  • Travel insurance.

How much does prenatal insurance cost?

The price of prenatal health insurance is the same as that of conventional health insurance. In other words, it's the same as if the parents took out the policy when the child was born. The final rate depends on several criteria, such as:
  • The insurance company chosen;
  • The deductible you opt for;
  • The additional cover taken out.
Using our comparison service to find the right prenatal insurance, you'll benefit from optimal value for money. Comparea is an independent group that allows you to compare different prenatal insurance offers free of charge, with no obligation.

When do you start paying for prenatal insurance?

Many people wonder whether, when taking out prenatal insurance, you start paying as soon as you sign up. Fortunately, that's not the case: cover only starts when the baby is born, so the same applies to billing. So until your child is born, you don't pay for prenatal health insurance.
The prenatal insurance contract can be taken out from the 3rd month of pregnancy. However, once again, no charges apply until the child is born.

What are the advantages of comparing prenatal insurance?

Immediate and optimal protection:

In the case of basic insurance, taking out cover after birth is not a problem; the child will be insured retroactively from the moment of purchase.
In the case of supplementary insurance, retroactivity does not work. As previously stated, it is therefore advisable to take out supplementary insurance before the birth in order to be covered as soon as the child is born and thus offset possible health costs.

Ease of taking out supplementary insurance:

Unlike basic insurance, supplementary insurance is not obliged to accept your subscription. In the event that the child is born with health problems, the complementary insurance company reserves the right to refuse you.
Prenatal enrolment is therefore essential in order to calmly deal with your child's potential health costs.
What's more, the majority of supplementary insurance companies do not require a medical questionnaire for prenatal enrolment. A medical questionnaire will only be required when subscribing to a semi-private hospitalization supplement, which can only be taken out after the birth of the child.

Premium discounts available:

Some health insurers, such as Helsana, offer discounts on supplementary health insurance premiums if the child joins before birth. Some insurers also offer free supplementary dental insurance for the child's first three years.

Time saving:

As the weeks before and after childbirth are often busy, it's important to take out prenatal insurance early in the pregnancy to free yourself from this burden and benefit from immediate cover as soon as the child is born.

What deductible should you choose for prenatal insurance?

When taking out health insurance, you also need to choose a deductible. This is the amount the insured will pay out of pocket before being covered by the insurance. However, children benefit from a clear advantage over adults: there is a deductible of CHF 0. There are also deductibles at :
  • CHF 100 ;
  • CHF 200 ;
  • CHF 300 ;
  • CHF 400 ;
  • CHF 500 ;
  • CHF 600 ;
Since newborns often need regular visits to the pediatrician, we recommend opting for a CHF 0 deductible.

How to choose prenatal health insurance?

To choose the right insurance policy, you need to take into account additional cover: coverage of optical costs, free choice of hospital in Switzerland (as the LAMal requires a hospital located in the canton), etc.
Accident coverage is another point to consider. A working adult is insured by his or her employer. A baby, on the other hand, is not automatically insured against accidents. It's therefore a good idea to opt for additional cover to ensure that the child is well protected in the event of an accident.
Thanks to the Comparea service, you'll find the prenatal health insurance contract that best matches your health cover expectations.

Is it possible to take out prenatal insurance with a different health insurer than my own?

Is it possible to take out prenatal insurance with a different health insurance company?
If your health insurance company offers prenatal insurance, it's still important to compare the different offers. On the one hand, to find a competitively priced offer, and on the other, to compare the benefits offered by all the health insurance companies. Indeed, benefits can vary greatly and impact your coverage in the event of health concerns.

How do you properly compare supplementary insurance for a prenatal?

As previously mentioned, supplementary insurance benefits can vary greatly from one fund to another. Because of this, it's important to compare the benefits of each fund.
We recommend that you compare coverage for the following benefits:

Supplementary dental insurance:

As dental treatment for a child can be expensive, it is often advisable to take out supplementary dental insurance. Basic insurance does not cover dental treatment, except in the case of illness. It's important to bear in mind that in the case of pre-natal enrolment, no medical questionnaire will be required, unlike a subscription after the birth of the child, where the supplementary insurance company reserves the right to refuse you.

Hospitalization insurance:

Taking out supplementary hospitalization insurance may be essential if you want to choose the hospital or clinic that will care for your child. Hospitalization insurance can also enable you to choose the specialist who will follow your child, but also his or her ward, in order to benefit from a semi-private ward for example.
Note that the cost of hospitalization insurance can be expensive. So it's important to compare the different offers available to you.
Supplementary insurance for care abroad:
This supplementary insurance proves indispensable if your child may be required to travel outside the EU/EFTA. By taking out complementary world cover, you are guaranteed optimum coverage abroad, as well as repatriation for your child if necessary.
Alexis Milon
Updated on: 22/01/2024Written by Alexis MilonHead of health insurance department at Comparea.
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There is no single best health insurer for your prenatal insurance. It's important to compare the different supplementary insurance offers in order to compare rates and coverage. That way, you'll get the best supplementary insurance.

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