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Smile is a car insurance company offering 100% dematerialized services. It is often found among the cheapest insurers, on online comparison tools. In this article, our team takes you on a tour of this 2.0 insurance company. If the rates are attractive, so are the guarantees. It therefore naturally ranks among the best insurance companies of the moment.

Smile: simple, 100% online car insurance

To help you understand the positioning of this player in car insurance in Switzerland, here's a presentation of how it works.

Dematerialization as an argument

For those who don't like cumbersome administrative procedures, online insurance could be the right solution. Smile offers to manage everything directly from its intuitive smartphone app. You'll be able to request a rate, or even take out an insurance policy, directly from your mobile.
All policy management is also carried out via this app, or via customer service available by phone. The company remains very responsive, according to the opinions gathered from customers.
Furthermore, we emphasize the rapid processing times, thanks to easy transmission of documents.

The price of insurance with Smile

By having no physical agency, Smile reduces its operating costs. This is reflected in the rates offered to customers. If you're looking for cheap insurance, then online insurance is potentially for you.

Zoom Smile's car insurance coverages

Smile insurance customers will be able to count on several levels of cover. There are also useful options for a car insurance contract in Switzerland.

Inexpensive third-party liability with Smile

The compulsory cover for car insurance in Switzerland is third-party liability. It ensures compensation for third parties, in the event of a claim caused by the insurance customer.
With this level of cover, the insured has no cover, when he causes damage to third parties, or if he suffers damage himself.
This formula is therefore suitable for people with a small budget, or an older car to insure. Smile insurance is particularly well placed in terms of rates for single-vehicle civil liability contracts.

Partial casco and collision casco for better protection

For more comprehensive coverage, it will be possible to opt for partial casco. It enables the insured to benefit from reimbursements, when he or she suffers damage from an external cause. For example, coverage can be obtained in the event of theft or vandalism of the vehicle. Collisions with animals or damage caused by bad weather are also covered.
To be insured in the event of an at-fault collision, you need to take out what's known as casco collision. This is the highest level of insurance, excluding options.
When a contract combines third-party liability, partial comprehensive and collision, it's called comprehensive.

Smile's additional coverages

In addition to the usual levels of coverage, Smile offers some interesting options:
  • Occupant accident insurance, which covers the car's occupants in the event of a claim,
  • Assistance in the event of a breakdown or accident, to tow the vehicle to a garage, combined with the possibility of taking advantage of transport or accommodation paid for by the insurance,
  • Coverage in the event of serious misconduct by the insured,
  • Legal protection useful in the event of a dispute.
So it's up to the policyholder to put together the tailor-made contract that matches his or her coverage needs.

How much does car insurance with Smile cost?

Like all insurers, Smile takes a number of parameters into account, to determine the insurance premium offered to its customer. For example, the profile of the insured is scrutinized. gender, age or years of experience on the road can strongly influence the proposed rate. The insurer will also inquire about any bonus or malus accumulated by the latter.
The insured vehicle will also impact the price. A powerful car is considered more at risk, in terms of the chance of generating a claim. The insurer will also assess the vehicle's market value. This will show how much compensation can be paid out in the event of a claim.

Contact Smile insurance

To get a quote or take out car insurance with Smile, you don't need to contact the insurer. You can simply visit its website or download its app, free on Android and iOS.
For direct contact, you can go through:
  • The messaging service offered on the app,
  • The chat directly available on the website,
  • The phone number dedicated to customer questions: 0 844 848 444
  • The phone number in the event of a claim: 0 800 848 488
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