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La Vaudoise has been providing insurance solutions in Switzerland since the late 19th century. The group's long history does not prevent it from offering innovative solutions. Among the products available, policyholders can count on quality car insurance. We have chosen to study for you the content of the offers proposed by this insurance company. Between price and quality of cover, don't miss our analysis before choosing your auto insurance.

What products does Vaudoise assurance offer?

Vaudoise assurance Lausanne offers insurance solutions for individuals and businesses. So whether you're a professional or not, you should find the products that suit you.
On the individual side, the offering is very comprehensive, with car, home and even health insurance. La Vaudoise can even support you if you want to invest or prepare for your retirement.
The diversity of products suggests that someone with several contracts with this brand may be able to negotiate rates. So that's good news for customers!

Zoom on la Vaudoise car insurance

La Vaudoise car insurance comes in three levels of cover. Policyholders can also count on a host of useful options, sometimes included directly in the contract.

Levels of insurance with la Vaudoise

Policyholders will be able to choose from three levels of la Vaudoise car insurance:
  • The civil liability, which covers only third parties in the event of damage caused by the insured.
  • The partial casco, which covers the insured when he/she suffers damage, originating from an external element such as an animal, bad weather, theft or even vandalism.
  • The casco collision, offering cover when the insured is himself responsible for a collision.

Total damage with Vaudoise

One of the strong points with Vaudoise auto insurance, is being able to take advantage of good coverage in the event of total damage. This is a situation in which it is impossible to finance vehicle repairs, because they are either too expensive or technically impossible.
With the group's contracts, the insured can enjoy reimbursement of the vehicle at its new value, for the first two years following registration. In subsequent years, he or she will be reimbursed at the vehicle's depreciated value, plus a surcharge.

Parking damage

Parking damage can be covered by car-park insurance. The company's advantage is that it applies no malus to the insured, when reporting this type of claim. So there will be no increase in premium, should the policyholder find his vehicle scratched.

Bonus protection

Many Swiss insurers offer bonus protection to their policyholders, if they report no more than one parent claim. La Vaudoise goes one step further, by protecting its customers' maximum bonus for life. In other words, if you reach the maximum bonus and you're a customer of the brand, you won't be able to suffer any further malus.

Automobile insurance for electric cars

La Vaudoise also offers formulas specifically designed for electric cars. It will be possible to benefit from cover in the event of damage to the battery, whether or not the insured is at fault. The home charging station may also be covered.

La Vaudoise partnerships

La Vaudoise has partner garages, to carry out repairs on your vehicle. You can also count on a partnership with Carglass, for fast repairs in the event of broken glass.

How much does car insurance with La Vaudoise cost?

La Vaudoise offersaverage rates, compared with other insurers. It is neither among the cheapest insurers, nor among those offering the highest rates.
It is particularly aimed at certain targets. This is particularly the case with the under-30s, who can take advantage of a 200-franc discount, on their first year of insurance. It is therefore a privileged partner for young drivers looking for cheap car insurance in Switzerland.

Contact la Vaudoise insurance

Customers appreciate the availability of la Vaudoise's customer service and assistance departments. If you in turn wish to contact this insurance company, you can do so via:
  • One of the 170 agencies available on Swiss territory,
  • By post at the address: Place de Milan, Case postale 120, 1001 Lausanne
  • By e-mail at the address:
  • By telephone at:
    • 0800 811 911 from Switzerland
    • +41 21 618 88 88 from abroad.
The insurer is generally very responsive. However, we deplore the fact that there is still no chat, to communicate in real time with an advisor, on the brand's website.
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