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Elvia is a subsidiary of the Allianz group that offers low-cost insurance solutions. Thanks to online underwriting and materialized services, you can indeed take advantage of attractive rates. The usual quality of cover offered by the group remains intact. You can take advantage of a comprehensive contract, to protect your vehicle in the event of a claim. Our team offers you its decryption of the Elvia car insurance offer.

What products does Elvia assurance offer?

Elvia assurance offers a wide range of different products. On the vehicle insurance side, you can take advantage of specific offers, for classic, vintage or even electric cars. You can also choose to insure a motorcycle or even your travel.
Elvia also offers insurance solutions for the home or for people. If you'd like to take out several policies with the same insurance company, this may be the right place to do it. Elvia is indeed competitive for many insurance products.

Zoom on Elvia car insurance

Here's our analysis of the coverages that can be offered, for those who take out Elvia car insurance.

Elvia third-party liability

A zoom on Elvia car third-party liability is in order. Third-party liability is a compulsory contract in Switzerland, when you own a car. It guarantees compensation to third parties in the event of an at-fault claim.
The special feature of Elvia is that we can take out own damage liability. This means that if, with your vehicle, you cause damage to other property that belongs to you, you will be able to benefit from compensation.

Partial casco and collision casco

To obtain higher guarantees, you can opt for a partial casco. This provides coverage in the event of a claim suffered by the insured, for which no one is at fault. This could involve broken glass, bad weather or a collision with an animal. Theft and vandalism are also covered by Elvia insurance.
Please note that with this level of insurance, the insured is not covered when he or she is responsible for a collision. A collision damage waiver must be taken out in order to receive compensation.

Insuring an electric or vintage car

On the Elvia insurance website, you can find complete sections dedicated to electric car insurance. These are indeed special formulas, where the insurer will also cover damage caused to the battery or to the insured's home charging station.
You can also take out formulas that are particularly suited to covering older vehicles. When it comes to a classic vehicle, the insurer can commit to its restoration in the event of a claim.

Elvia assistance levels

Elvia offers you the benefit of assistance, as do most insurers. However, you can demand more with what is known as the "Assistance Top" service. The insured can then benefit from a loan vehicle. An interpreter can also be made available, when the claim occurs abroad. Finally, the insurer takes care of the repatriation of animals.

Other Elvia options

Elvia also enables its policyholders to take out car-park insurance. This provides cover in the event of parking damage, such as scratches in a parking lot.
You can also count on bonus protection in the event of a claim.
Furthermore, by taking out an option, you can also be covered, when you are responsible for a claim and in gross negligence. For example, if you run a red light and cause a collision, the insurer will pay for the damage.

How much does car insurance with Elvia cost?

Elvia is a subsidiary created to offer more attractive rates than Allianz. Thanks to the dematerialization of services, it's a successful gamble for the insurance company. It manages to rank among the cheapest car insurance on the market.
To fluctuate the price of your premium, you'll have the option of adapting the deductibles to be paid in the event of a claim. For the cheapest possible contract, you can keep the highest deductibles. Conversely, you can also have no deductibles to pay, if you're prepared to pay a higher premium.
The ability to create a tailor-made contract is therefore a real asset, to control your auto insurance budget in Switzerland.

Contact Elvia insurance

Please note that customers of the Elvia subsidiary cannot visit Allianz branches to take out a policy or settle a dispute.
To contact the company, you can use the telephone number available to customers: 0800 996 996. Alternatively, you can send an e-mail directly to or use the customer portal on the company's website.
These contact methods seem to work, as customers give Elvia customer service an excellent rating.
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