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La Bâloise is a Swiss insurance company, offering not only insurance products, but also banking products. The diversification of its offer is not in spite of the quality of its car insurance contracts. In this article, our team invites you to discover the advantages of this brand for insuring your vehicle in Switzerland. With a comprehensive range of products and an attractive price/quality ratio, everything seems to come together to convince you.

What products does Bâloise assurance offer?

Bâloise customers can count on a comprehensive range of personal insurance, property and casualty insurance and other contracts of this type.
The company has diversified, and also offers banking products, with accounts and savings books. It will also be possible to apply for a home loan or a consumer credit. Finally, Bâloise offers all kinds of services, such as telephone packages and VPN.

Zoom on Bâloise car insurance

Our team has investigated for you the car insurance Bâloise. The options on offer are very comprehensive, at reasonable rates.

Levels of insurance with Bâloise

Bâloise offers three levels of car insurance:
  • The basic scope insurance S: This corresponds to civil liability, allowing third parties to be compensated in the event of responsible damage caused by the insured.
  • The classic extent insurance M: Which includes partial casco in addition to third-party liability, but also to insurance for vehicle occupants and personal effects carried.
  • The higher scope insurance L: Corresponding to a full casco, since it includes a collision casco to protect the insured, when he himself is responsible for a collision.

Total damage insurance

La Bâloise stands out with a total damage guarantee allowing compensation for the new value of the vehicle for a period of 7 years. By way of comparison, most insurers promise this reimbursement, only for the first two years the vehicle is on the road.

La Bâloise partner garages

La Bâloise offers its policyholders towing in one of these partner garages, in the event of an accident or breakdown. This can be seen as an advantage. On the other hand, if you wish to access the garage of your choice, you'll have to pay an additional premium.

Takeaway cover

Among the cover offered by the insurer is a takeaway cover. While this has to be taken out as an extra with most insurers, here it's included in most contracts.

A flawless customer service

One of Bâloise's main strengths as a car insurance company is its impeccable customer service. If you wish to contact the insurance company by telephone, you can take advantage of a service that is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
Customers praise the insurer for its ability to be reactive in the event of a claim, and also for all the routine administrative procedures during the term of the contract.

Insuring an electric car with Bâloise

La Bâloise assurance offers formulas specifically designed to insure an electric car. In particular, users of this technology will be able to count on guarantee of their battery and possibly of their home charging station.
The company, which wants to encourage private individuals to opt for cleaner transport, also values electric vehicle drivers. It will thus be possible to benefit from a discount on the premium.

Insurance abroad

Insurance abroad seems to be the biggest weak point in the insurance offered by Bâloise. Indeed, a claim abroad will generally be associated with a very high deductible.

How much does car insurance with Bâloise cost?

The insurance policies offered by Bâloise rank among the most attractive on the market. For those looking for cheap car insurance, for example, it will be possible to count on a simple third-party car liability, offered at a low price.
It remains important to understand, however, that to calculate the amount of the premium, Bâloise takes into account:
  • The insured's profile, age, experience on the road or even gender.
  • His or her history, analyzing in particular the accumulated bonus or malus.
  • The type of vehicle insured, its value or power.
It's really a matter of assessing the risk taken by the insurer, that a claim occurs. A reckless driver, or one driving a very powerful car will thus be perceived as more at risk. The premium may therefore be higher.

Contact la Bâloise insurance

To get a quote, to insure your car with la Bâloise insurance company, you can simply visit the insurer's website. Its online premium calculator lets you find out the proposed rate in just a few clicks. You can also use an online insurance comparator, to find out which insurer is the cheapest.
If you want to contact the company directly, here's some useful information:
  • Telephone number: +41800 24 800 800
  • Email address: serviceclientele@Bâ
You can also count on a large network of agencies. If you wish to contact the Bâloise claims insurance department, the address to send your mail to is: Anvers Posthofbrug, 16, 2600 Antwerp (Berchem).
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