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All about health insurance

When you live in Switzerland, you are required to take out health insurance. This covers part of your healthcare costs. How does LAMal work? How much does it cost? Do I also need to take out supplementary health insurance? What are the particularities of healthcare coverage for cross-border workers? Find out all you need to know about health insurance in Switzerland.

Swiss health insurance: what you need to know

In 1996, a federal law made membership of the LAMal compulsory. In other words, anyone living in Switzerland is obliged to take out this health insurance.

How does health insurance work in Switzerland?

The aim of Swiss health insurance is to provide access to basic health care in the event of illness, maternity or accident. But it is neither centralized nor managed by the government. It is the Federal Office of Public Health FOPH, which controls the way private insurers administer the health protection part of their business. For more legal information, .
Basic health insurance:
  • Covers the insured's main healthcare needs
  • Guarantees at least the cost of hospitalization in a shared room.
On the other hand, dental expenses and alternative medicine, among other things, are not covered by basic compulsory health insurance.
You are free to choose the insurer with whom you wish to take out a health insurance contract. All family members must be insured, including children.
New Swiss residents have 3 months in which to select their health insurer. After this period, the cantonal administration automatically assigns them a provider.

How much does it cost?

Health insurance premiums for 2024 vary according to :
  • the insured's place of residence
  • Age
  • The deductible chosen
  • The basic model
  • Services selected (e.g. accident coverage)
Regardless of these factors, the level of reimbursement is the same for everyone.
It is, however, possible to benefit from reductions on compulsory health insurance premiums, known as subsidies .. These are subsidies paid by the canton, which may cover all or part of the premiums. The amount of this assistance varies according to :
  • place of residence
  • Income
Subsidies are paid directly to the health insurance fund, which then deducts them from the premium due.
Please note that it is possible to benefit from full and automatic coverage by the Assurance Maladie. This is particularly the case for people receiving a supplementary pension (AVS/AI) or social assistance.

How do I obtain compulsory health insurance?

All policyholders are free to choose the provider with whom they wish to take out a health insurance contract. The insurer is not entitled to refuse an application. Nor is the insurer allowed to ask a future policyholder to fill in a health questionnaire when signing the contract.
As each insurer can charge the premium it wishes, it is important to compare several proposals, taking into account:
  • the budget available for compulsory health insurance
  • coverage needs
  • canton of residence
  • the insured's age and family situation
  • the deductible

Taking out supplementary health insurance

In addition to basic Swiss health insurance, it is advisable to take out a complementary health insurance policy.

Why take out a supplementary health insurance policy?

Basic health insurance coversomp only a modest proportion of healthcare costs. As a result, policyholders are well advised to supplement their coverage with a complementary health contract. This is a private contract that covers a wider range of healthcare expenses, such as
  • Hospitalization costs (double or single room);
  • Dental care
  • Eye care
  • Natural or alternative medicine services
  • Rescue services
  • Etc.
Unlike Assurance Maladie, complementary health insurance is not compulsory.

How to choose your complementary health insurance?

Once again, you are free to choose not only the provider, but also the scope of your supplementary health insurance coverage. It is advisable to compare the proposals of several insurers before making your choice, and to determine your needs in advance. Do you wear glasses? Do you use alternative or natural medicine? Do you insist on a single room in the event of hospitalization? Do your children need orthodontic treatment? Etc.
All you need to know about the Law on Insurance Contracts (LCA)

Focus on health insurance for cross-border workers

Switzerland is home to a large number of cross-border workers. That's why two schemes have been set up to provide health insurance coverage for cross-border workers.

Can a cross-border worker benefit from the LAMal?

Cross-border commuters, whether living in France and working in Switzerland or vice versa, are obliged to take out health insurance. They can choose between two solutions:
  • CMU (replicating the French health insurance scheme)
  • LAMal frontalier (replicating the Swiss system)
It is advisable to take out one of these solutions before starting work for the first time.
Under the LAMal frontalier scheme, insured persons can receive health care in both France and Switzerland. This is not the case with CMU frontalier, which only covers treatment in Switzerland under certain conditions. This is just one of the many differences between the two schemes. It is essential that cross-border commuters take the time to study both solutions and choose the most advantageous one.

Is it necessary to take out a special cross-border supplementary health insurance policy?

Cross-border commuters are strongly advised to take out a supplementary health insurance policy specially designed to cover healthcare costs in both the country where they live and the country where they work. Only a mutuelle santé frontaliers, also known as a complémentaire santé frontaliers, offers this extended coverage. Here too, it is essential to compare several proposals before making your choice and taking out a complementary health insurance contract.

All health insurance funds

With the widest choice of health insurance offers, compare 2024 premiums for basic and supplementary insurance from over 30 companies in just a few clicks.

Health insurance comparison: what criteria should you use?

When it comes to comparing Swiss health insurers, there are a number of points that need to be analysed carefully.


The first thing to look out for when reading a health insurance contract is the reimbursements. Don't hesitate to go into detail, to find out to what extent you will be reimbursed for dental expenses, alternative medical care or hospitalization. The coverage offered must truly correspond to your expectations and, above all, your needs.

Customer service

You may also be interested in the quality of the customer service you receive. The opinions of policyholders are of course central to determining the quality of the support provided. Other factors can also help you compare insurance companies. For example, a simple, intuitive application is an asset when it comes to requesting reimbursements.

Other criteria

Each insurance company has its own arguments to convince you. Some, for example, make significant commitments to the environment, while others offer specific benefits, such as reimbursement for treatment abroad when traveling.

Tools for comparing health insurers in Switzerland

Comparing health insurance in Switzerland used to be a painstaking task. Policyholders were able to request quotes from different insurance companies. The lack of expertise on the part of individuals could sometimes make it difficult to choose between the various contracts on offer.
Nowadays, comparisons are available directly on the Internet. They enable you to identify the advantages of each contract at a glance.

Comparative table of health insurance companies (Ranking 2024)

Rank Health insurance Location Number of employees Number of clients Average rates Customer service
1 AXA +100 agencies in French and German-speaking Switzerland 1 à 5k 2'000'000 Medium 5/5
2 OKK +30 German-language agencies 200 à 500 200'000 Bottom 5/5
3 Concordia +20 agencies in French and German-speaking Switzerland 1 à 5k 630'000 Medium 5/5
4 Sympany -10 agencies in Switzerland 200 à 500 300'000 Medium 5/5
5 Helsana +35 agencies in French and German-speaking Switzerland 1 à 5k 2'200'000 Medium 5/5
6 Visana +50 agencies in French and German-speaking Switzerland 1 à 5k 850'000 High 5/5
7 Groupe Mutuel +35 agencies in French and German-speaking Switzerland 1 à 5k 1'360'000 Bas 4/5
8 Sanitas +10 agencies in Switzerland 500 à 1k 100'000 High 4/5
9 KPT -10 agencies in Switzerland 500 à 1k 100'000 High 5/5
10 CSS +100 agencies in French and German-speaking Switzerland 1 à 5k 1'800'000 High 4/5
11 Swica +50 agencies in French and German-speaking Switzerland 1 à 5k 1'600'0000 High 5/5
12 Assura +10 agencies in French and German-speaking Switzerland 1 à 5k 1'000'000 Bottom 3/5

Health insurance comparison in Switzerland

We have chosen to compare some of the Swiss health insurance plans available on the market. Each has its own strengths to convince you.

Helsana: four health plans

Helsana is the supplementary health insurance company with the highest customer ratings. Its advantage is a simple, intuitive platform for carrying out the various health administration procedures. This means rapid turnaround times. It also boasts responsive, high-quality customer service, ideal for those in need of assistance.
When comparing Swiss health insurers, Helsana is one of the easiest to understand. You can choose from 4 different formulas, depending on your profile and expectations. Reimbursements for each type of service are clearly indicated.
The company also knows how to adapt to individual needs. However, additional options are often quite expensive. From the policyholder's point of view, it is therefore imperative to take reimbursement needs into account, to know whether the premium to be paid is acceptable.

Swica and its excellent customer service

Swica is one of the most expensive supplementary insurers in Switzerland. Yet it has over 700,000 members. The quality of its customer service is undoubtedly one of the reasons why its policies are so popular. According to a satisfaction survey conducted by K-Tip, the company ranks number 1 for customer satisfaction in the health insurance sector.
Swica's main strength is that it accepts policyholders suffering from chronic illnesses. For example, it offers excellent cover for diabetics. If you've been turned down by other insurance companies, don't hesitate to ask for a quote.
It's also important to note that the quality of the cover offered is perfectly in line with the company's premiums. Certain services, which are not free with other insurers, are also offered, to reward those who place their trust in them.

Agrisano: insurance committed to the environment

Agrisano is an insurance company with a highly targeted clientele, whose communications focus on supporting families working in agriculture. Thanks to a particular understanding of its target market, the insurance company has established itself as one of the best in terms of customer service. Supplementary health insurance cover is also adapted to this sector of activity and the risks associated with it.
This closeness to nature also translates into strong environmental commitments. Part of the premiums are reinvested in promoting nature and Swiss farming activities.
Premiums remain reasonable in relation to the quality of the services offered. Members benefit from comprehensive coverage, with good reimbursements for optical and dental expenses. On the other hand, administrative charges are applied to new members. However, this insurance company does not offer an HMO option or a Telmed model.

KPT: cost-effective health insurance

If the HMO option is important to you, you can put your trust in KPT. This health insurance fund offers both basic and supplementary insurance. Your contract will be tailor-made to suit your profile and expectations. You can also count on state-of-the-art digital services to facilitate your various administrative procedures.
When it comes to customer service, KPT is not to be outdone, thanks to itsparticular strategy. Each contract is associated with a personal contact, so you don't have to waste time phoning platforms. He or she is responsible for advising you on choosing the best cover, as well as providing support throughout the life of the contract.
Finally, you can count on additional services, such as suggestions for savings vehicles. KPT invites you to optimize your capital, to anticipate your future and that of your loved ones.

Concordia: ideal for travelers

Concordia is the ideal supplementary health insurance for families. In particular, it offers specific benefits for children, to meet any health needs they may have.
The insurer's proximity to its members is consistent with this approach. Policyholders can count on individualized, responsive and competent assistance. Their services are even available 24 hours a day.
Concordia also offers a range of contracts, enabling you to benefit from comprehensive reimbursements on several expense items, as well as protection abroad, should you need to travel. We also offer an HMO option.

Visana: insurance for those who are never ill

Visana is one of the insurance companies with the highest customer service ratings. It's the speed with which cases are processed that makes all the difference. The brand also relies on innovation to convince new customers to place their trust in it. For example, it has set up a service that enables healthcare professionals to be found rapidly by teleconsultation. Here too, the aim is to reduce delays and find a practitioner quickly.
When it comes to reimbursements, the company offers formulas to suit the whole family. You can choose the benefits that best suit your needs. However, Visana seems to be selective when it comes to choosing which policyholders will be covered by complementary health insurance.

Provita for dental reimbursements

We couldn't conclude this comparison of health insurance in Switzerland without mentioning the policies offered by Provita. This insurance company ranks among the best for dental and hospital reimbursements.
In recent months, it has succeeded in attracting new customers, thanks to a controlled increase in premiums for 2024, despite the current context in Switzerland. It is important to note that Provita charges administrative fees for international coverage.
This human-scale insurer is now part of the same group as Swica. You can therefore enjoy the same quality of customer service and coverage as with this giant of Swiss health insurance. Take a look at the different formulas on offer, to find the one that suits you best.

The importance of comparing health insurers before taking out basic insurance cover

A careful comparison of basic insurance plans, such as those offered under the Swiss Health Insurance Act (KVG/LAMal), is crucial before taking out insurance in Switzerland. Comparing basic insurance plans helps you to understand the different benefits offered by insurers, and to choose the coverage that best suits your specific needs.
By comparing the premiums, deductibles and benefits offered by different insurance companies, you can make an informed decision about the best option for your individual situation. What's more, comparing basic insurances ensures that the insured receives the necessary benefits while keeping costs under control. In short, comparing basic insurance plans is an essential step in ensuring optimal coverage tailored to your health needs in Switzerland.

Key points for comparing supplementary insurances

It's essential to carry out a thorough comparison of supplementary insurances in Switzerland before taking out additional coverage. A comparison of supplementary insurances enables you to assess the various options available to improve basic coverage, such as dental care, alternative medicine or single rooms in hospital.
By comparing the benefits, rates and specific conditions offered by insurers, it is possible to find supplementary insurances that precisely meet individual health needs. What's more, by comparing the premiums and benefits offered by different insurance companies, you can strike an optimum balance between the cost of insurance and the scope of cover on offer.
In short, comparing supplementary insurances in Switzerland is essential to guaranteeing additional coverage tailored to your specific needs, while keeping costs under control.

Health insurer rankings: Market share

Health insurance Market share Head office
Logo Assura 11.5% Av. C.-F. Ramuz 70, 1009 Pully
Logo Helsana 10.2% Rte de Chancy 46, 1213 Petit-Lancy
Logo CSS 10.0% CSS, Postfach 2568, 6002 Luzern
Logo Swica 8.6% Römerstrasse 38, 8401 Winterthur
Logo Concordia 7.1% Bundesplatz 15, 6002 Lucerne
Logo Sanitas 6.1% Sanitas, Jägergasse 3, 8021 Zurich
Logo Visana 5.7% Visana, Postfach 253, 3000 Bern 15
*Source : OFSP

Market share: Health insurer division

Graphique des parts de marché des caisses maladie

How do I change my health insurance in Switzerland?

Your choice of insurance company in Switzerland is not final, whether for basic or supplementary insurance. If our insurance comparison has convinced you to switch to a new provider, you can cancel your current contract and take out a new one.

When should I cancel my health insurance in Switzerland?

The best date to cancel your health insurance is November 30. This is when you can cancel your current contract. Please note that written notice of termination must be sent to the insurance company before this date. After this date, your contract will be renewed until November 30 of the following year.

How do I change my health insurance?

Once you've sent your cancellation letter, all you need to do is contact a new insurer to take out a new contract. This can be done in advance, to ensure that you are always covered. If you suffer from a chronic illness or could be considered a high-risk profile, we strongly advise you to look for a new insurer before sending your letter of cancellation.

In a nutshell ?

In short, basic health insurance in Switzerland is an essential element in guaranteeing access to basic healthcare, but it is also important to take out supplementary health insurance for optimum coverage (accident cover, hospitalization cover, etc.). Costs vary according to many factors and data, but subsidies can reduce the financial burden.
Whether you choose a health insurance company in Switzerland or wish to change health insurance companies for potential savings, in both cases the decision must be a well-considered one that takes into account your needs, your budget (how many francs can you spend per year?) and your personal situation. When comparing premiums and health insurers, be sure to take into account various criteria, such as the level of reimbursement, the deductible, the quality of customer service, possible coverage options abroad, and many other aspects.
To make an informed decision about health insurance, it's essential to have comprehensive, reliable information and data. Information on different insurers, deductibles, health premiums, insurance models and associated costs is crucial to choosing the best option. All the information you find enables you to compare health insurance premiums, co-payments and deductibles.
To help you in your search for the best health insurance company in Switzerland, please use our premium calculator and health insurance comparator in Switzerland to get a comparison of basic and supplementary insurance premiums and find the best option for you. Comparing all health insurance premiums is an essential first step to making an informed decision. That's why Comparea has developed a fast, intuitive and free, but above all entirely independent, comparator that allows you to choose the best option according to your data. As well as being a comparator and calculator, it will also enable you to calculate your premium and subscribe if you are interested, while guaranteeing the protection of the confidential data you share with us.
Consult your family doctor for information specific to your health. Your doctor will be able to help you determine your real needs.
Alexis Milon
Updated on: 22/01/2024Written by Alexis MilonHead of health insurance department at Comparea.
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Yes, in Switzerland, health insurance is mandatory, including for family members without gainful employment.

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