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For young drivers, finding car insurance can be a real headache. It can indeed be difficult to find a contract with the right coverage. Budget is often crucial, for this type of clientele. Our team offers you a comprehensive article, bringing together the best insurers for young drivers. We've also put together some of our best advice, to help you find a policy that's right for you.

Top 5 young driver car insurance

To help young drivers see more clearly when choosing car insurance for beginners, here's our ranking of the 5 best insurers in the field. Each has its own arguments to convince new road users.

Young driver car insurance with Axa

AXA is undoubtedly among the most prominent insurers for young drivers. The company, highlights its ability to offer low prices. It will thus be possible to insure for less than CHF 40 per month.
The quality of cover remains on target, with the possibility of having no deductible to pay in the event of damage caused. Insurance for young drivers can also include breakdown assistance and the prết of a replacement vehicle.
Moreover, the contract remains fully customizable, to offer all the necessary guarantees. So if the cheapest cover isn't enough, AXA is still a worthwhile contact.

Young driver car insurance with Allianz

Allianz is also one of the insurers offering solutions at rather attractive prices. On the other hand, the f third party liability policy remains higher than with other insurers.
Allianz is a relevant insurer for a young driver who wants to take advantage of specific options, such as partial comprehensive or collision comprehensive. The insurance company does indeed offer comprehensive solutions, which are perfectly suited to a young driver with a new car.

Young driver car insurance with Helvetia

Helvetia is among the insurers offering the cheapest solutions, for a car insuranceyoung driver. The company regularly offers promotions to its new subscribers. It will be possible, for example, to take advantage of a 10% discount on the first year's premium, for an online subscription.
Despite the very competitive rates, the company offers some nice options, such as the possibility of protecting your bonus, when you declare no more than one claim per year. For a young driver inexperienced on the road, this is a real advantage, to have this right to make mistakes.

Young driver car insurance with Elvia

Elvia is an insurance company created by Allianz. With these 100% online solutions, it enables the group to offer less expensive solutions, perfectly suited to the budget of a young driver.
Allianz's impeccable customer service nevertheless remains on target. For example, policyholders can simply contact the claims department, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All the group's usual options are also available.
If you're on a tight budget, and don't mind a completely paperless service, this could be the right solution.

Young driver car insurance with Swiss Life

For those who prefer a local contact, Swiss Life also offers beginner car insurance. Swiss Life is not often cited in rankings of the best insurers for young drivers. In fact, the options on offer are progressive, and without any obligation.
With a small budget, you could therefore opt for a simple civil liability. We can also count on the brand's usual seriousness, which offers absolutely irreproachable customer service.

What is a young driver?

Being a young driver isn't just a question of age. We tend to think of 18-22 year olds as such. Yet it's not just a question of age. From the insurers' point of view, it's anyone who has held a driving license for less than 3 years, who is assimilated as a young driver.
This status therefore genuinely allows the potential lack of experience of new licensees on the road to be taken into account. In practical terms, this can mean a higher premium than an experienced driver who already has a bonus.
This is why it's important to carry out a young driver car insurance comparison. Not only does it help you keep your budget under control, it also ensures that you benefit from the right cover.

Young driver car insurance in Switzerland: how much does it cost?

There is no universal rate for a young driver car insurance policy in Switzerland. However, there are price differences depending on the age of the new driver. Someone who obtains their license after the age of 25 will potentially be able to negotiate better rates than a young driver of just 18.
Furthermore, all new drivers under the age of 25 must pay a deductible of 1,000 francs in the event of a claim during their first year of insurance. After the age of 25, this compulsory deductible will only be 500 francs.

What cover should a young driver's car insurance policy provide?

Not all cover is compulsory when it comes to car insurance. It's important to know which ones can be optional, especially when you're on a tight budget.

Mandatory cover

The only mandatory cover when it comes to Swiss car insurance is third-party liability. This is the level of insurance that compensates third parties, in the event of damage caused by the insured. For a young driver on a tight budget, this level of insurance may be all you need. Please note, however, that this type of contract does not provide any reimbursement for damage caused to the insured's vehicle, when it is at fault. Nor is there any reimbursement, in the event of damage caused by an external element such as collision with an animal or even theft of the vehicle.

Optional coverages

To have coverage for a wider range of situations, it is possible to take out partial comprehensive and collision comprehensive insurance. The former covers the driver in the event of damage caused by external factors. The second covers the insured, when he himself is responsible for a collision. In this way, he or she can obtain partial or total reimbursement for repairs to be carried out on the car after an accident.
These optional coverages can nevertheless be all the more important when you're a young licensee. Indeed, lack of experience on the road tends to increase the chances of an at-fault collision for the insurer. When the budget allows it, they are therefore a must.

The case of car leasing

Cases where a young driver manages to lease a car are quite rare. In general, leasing and one-off vehicle rentals are not open to them, due to a lack of experience on the road.
On the other hand, whatever the level of experience of the driver succeeding in renting a vehicle, insurance including partial casco and collision casco is a must. This guarantees that the owner will be reimbursed for any damage should the vehicle be damaged.
So young drivers won't be able to escape it. It's generally quite expensive between the high level of cover and taking into account the insured's lack of experience.

Tips for cheap young driver car insurance

There are certain tricks to finding cheap young driver car insurance. You'll see that competing with insurers isn't the only solution.

Comparing young driver car insurance

The first reflex of most people looking for car insurance is to compare quotes. The process is made easier by the manyonline insurance comparators. In just a few clicks, you can enter information about the driver and the vehicle to be insured. You'll then get a quote, which you'll need to confirm with a quotation.
Our advice is to always compare two quotes, taking into account the coverage offered. It is often the latter that make rates vary.

The choice of a suitable car

The more expensive a vehicle, the greater the reimbursements made by the insurer are likely to be in the event of a claim. It's also important to consider that a vehicle with high power is considered to present a greater risk, especially for a young driver.
When choosing your first car, it may therefore be wise to think about the impact of its characteristics on the price of insurance. Most of the time, therefore, a used car with reasonable power is preferred.

The choice of cover

The choice of cover also influences the amount of the premium. For the tightest budgets, basic cover with simple third-party liability may suffice.

Caution on the road

It's important not just to think about the price of a young driver's first year's insurance. In the long term, it always pays to be careful on the road to limit claims. This makes it possible to accumulate a bonus, which will lower the annual insurance premium.

Vehicle insurance through parents

Young drivers who do not yet have sufficient income can insure through their parents. Note that this option does not allow you to accumulate your own bonus as a driver. It is therefore generally a provisional solution, favored by students.

Premium payment terms

It is also emphasized that paying the insurance premium in one lump sum generally lowers the annual insurance price. Monthly payments do entail costs, which add to the budget of young drivers. For those who have the possibility, an annual payment is therefore to be preferred to make savings.

Waiver of the right of cancellation

The right of cancellation allows you to cancel your car insurance on each anniversary of the contract. Policyholders have the option of waiving this right of cancellation, by committing to several years with an insurer. In general, this considerably reduces the premiums to be paid.
It is important to stress that in the event of a change of vehicle, the insured will be able to break his or her commitment to the insurer. This solution can therefore be ideal, when an insured knows that he or she is only going to keep his or her first car for a few months.

Online insurance

Online insurance is often the one offering the most attractive rates. The dematerialization of services, and the reduction in the company's operating costs do indeed make for some bargains. As a young driver, it may therefore make sense to turn to this kind of new insurance player in Switzerland.
Furthermore, the simplified administrative procedures, and the speed of online solutions generally manage to convince young policyholders. It therefore seems that insurers available exclusively on the Internet offer a number of advantages.

The amicable settlement

Finally, it is often essential to avoid making a claim during the first few years of licensing. This avoids having to pay an expensive insurance premium because of a malus.
For small claims, it may therefore be preferable to settle out of court, without going through the insurers. For example, it may be sufficient to compensate potential claim victims directly, by offering to pay for vehicle repairs directly.

Bonus protection in the young driver car insurance comparison

To finish this article, we thought it important to zoom in on insurance companies offering bonus protection for young drivers. This option in the car insurance contract means that the price of the premium is not impacted, for policyholders with just one claim in a year.
It's not uncommon for a lack of experience on the road to result in a claim, in the first few months or even years of driving. To avoid having the price of your insurance increased, bonus protection therefore seems unavoidable.
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