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PostFinance is a professional finance company that has successfully made the switch to insurance. You can enjoy top-quality car insurance at attractive rates. What's more, it ranks among the best-rated when it comes to customer service. Our team invites you to discover the coverages offered by this brand. This will enable you to find out whether these formulas are suited to your expectations.

What products does PostFinance assurance offer?

PostFinance is first and foremost a bank, offering bank account opening, payment cards, but also various investment solutions.You can choose to take out a mortgage or a consumer loan.
Among these insurance solutions, you can find car insurance contracts to suit all budgets. The brand also offers all the essentials for provident and life insurance.
Some offers allow you to take advantage of preferential rates on insurance, for customers who already have a bank account with the brand.

Zoom on PostFinance car insurance

PostFinance but a point of honor to commit to attractive rates, when it comes to car insurance. Here's our breakdown of useful options.

Levels of insurance with PostFinance

In Switzerland, it's compulsory to take out car third-party liability, when you own a car. It enables you to compensate third parties in the event of damage caused by the insured. This can be used to pay costs relating to bodily injury or material damage.
As a complement, the insured can choose to take out what is known aspartial casco. In this case, the policyholder is covered against natural disasters, theft, glass breakage and fire. These are all situations in which there is no named responsible party.
To be insured in the event of an at-fault collision, it will be necessary to add what is known as the casco collision to the contract, to obtain the full casco level of cover.

Parking damage

Among the options to which the insured can subscribe extra, there is car parking damage cover. It insures the driver in the event ofparking damage.These are situations in which the vehicle can be damaged in a parking lot, without the person responsible being found.
This option is particularly relevant for people with a new carwith impeccable bodywork. Most insurers refuse to offer it for vehicles over 5 years old.

Gross negligence protection

In addition, it is also possible to obtain cover, even for an at-fault claim in a case of gross negligence. For example, if the insured causes a claim by running a stop sign, the insurer can compensate the victims.

Assistance and breakdown assistance

One of PostFinance's strengths in terms of insurance is the quality of its assistance. So it's worth taking out this option, when you choose a contract from the brand. You can benefit from assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The insurance is valid throughout Europe.

New technologies at the service of car insurance

PostFinance has been a player in the banking and car insurance market for many years. Nevertheless, it offers innovative services, with the possibility of calculating the amount of your vehicle insurance directly from its website.
You can also choose to take out a contract, via the insurance company's website. From the customer's point of view, the processes are simplified. The company also offers fast turnaround times, whether for claims or policy changes.

How much does car insurance with PostFinance cost?

For simple third-party liability insurance, PostFinance is often more expensive than other insurers such as Smile, Elvia or Axa.
On the other hand, for more comprehensive policies, the company remains competitive. It is for this category of contract, that the company ranks among the insurance companies offering the best value for money.
It may also be possible to take advantage of a premium discount, depending on current promotions for new customers. Don't hesitate to keep an eye out for any good deals offered by the company.

Contact PostFinance insurance

To take out a car insurance policy with PostFinance, you can go directly to one of the branches available in the territory.
On the company's website, you can also find numerous ways to get in touch with the insurance company. For example, there's a chat facility and a contact section.
If you prefer to talk by phone, you can contact PostFinance on:
  • 0848 888 700 from Switzerland
  • +41 58 667 99 85 from abroad.
We've tested PostFinance customer service, which seems responsive, whether it's a simple question or a request for assistance.
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Updated on: 30.01.2024Written by Antoine LégerHead of non-life insurance department at Comparea.
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