Volkswagen insurance: what you need to know


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Volkswagen is a German brand prized by Swiss motorists. In this article, we set out to discover the relevant coverages for the vehicles of the week. Volkswagen insurance can be as simple as third-party liability. However, when it comes to a recent car, it's still advisable to choose higher coverages. These provide cover, for example, when the insured himself is responsible for damage to his vehicle.

What car insurance for a Volkswagen?

The level of insurance for a Volkswagen generally depends on the age and condition of the insured vehicle. The more recent the car, the more it is advisable to take out a comprehensive policy.

Third party liability for a Volkswagen

Third party liability is the minimum level of insurance. After that, it is indeed compulsory to be insured, for damage you cause to third parties. If a motorist causes damage to a third party, his or her insurance will thus compensate the victim, for the material damage or bodily injury suffered.
For owners of an old Volkswagen, who would have more than 10 years, for example, this level of coverage may suffice. It effectively provides a car insurance cheap, which seems appropriate for the low price at which the car may have been purchased.

Partial casco for a Volkswagen

When you have a recent Volkswagen, it may be worth choosing partial casco. This guarantee provides coverage in the event of damage caused by external factors, when there is no one at fault.
If the vehicle is stolen, vandalized or set on fire, for example, you could benefit from coverage from the insurance company. The same applies in the event of bad weather, glass breakage or collision with animals.

Collision insurance for a Volkswagen

Collision insurance is a level of cover that provides coverage when you yourself are responsible for a collision. With simple civil liability, only the victim of the loss is compensated.
Having a recent car is sufficient reason to access this type of coverage. It is indeed relevant to be able to count on participation in possible repairs in the event of a claim.

Parking car insurance for a Volkswagen

parking damageis quite simply the damage that the car may suffer when parked. It's not about acts of vandalism, but rather unintentional acts that can be committed by others.
It can be an option to add to the contract. When you want to find good car insurance for a recent Volkswagen, the latter is relevant.
We would point out that beyond 5 years after the vehicle was put on the road, most insurers refuse to offer this option. Indeed, the bodywork has to be impeccable to take advantage of it.

Total damage for a Volkswagen

Finally, most insurance policies come with total damage cover, when the Volkswagen to be insured is new. This guarantee covers you when the vehicle cannot be repaired, because repairs are too expensive or technically impossible.
When you take out this type of guarantee, make sure that the amount indemnified is consistent. Most of the time, for the first few years of a new vehicle, the proposed reimbursement is 100% of the vehicle's new value.

How much does Volkswagen insurance cost?

The price of the premium for Volkswagen insurance is proportional to the reimbursement the insurer may have to make. So, the higher the car's market value, the higher the premium is likely to be.
The price is also indexed to the risk taken by the insurer, when offering you cover. A powerful car, such as Volkswagen's sporty models, can thus push up the annual bill.
Finally, the insured's profile will be scrutinized, to determine the price of the insurance. having a significant bonus can make all the difference. So it's in your interest to be careful on the road and avoid claims, to take advantage of the best rates.

Which insurance company to insure a Volkswagen in Switzerland?

The owner of a Volkswagen can claim insurance from any company in Switzerland. Among the cheapest for this make are contracts from the Elvia group by Allianz. The value for money is excellent, given that the insured will not have to pay a deductible in the event of a third-party liability claim. On the other hand, the car will automatically be sent to an insurance partner garage in the event of repairs.
You can also choose to put your trust in groups like Generali and AXA, which offer comprehensive solutions. With excellent value for money, you'll be able to take advantage of the best cover, whether for parking damage or total damage.

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