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The new Peugeot ranges are indicative of the brand's change of tack. Users can now find top-of-the-range vehicles, with polished finishes. So it's only natural that expectations are rising when it comes to Peugeot insurance in Switzerland. In this article, we'd like to take you on a journey of discovery of the coverages that could be useful when insuring a vehicle from the brand.

What car insurance for a Peugeot?

Few owners of a new Peugeot settle for the minimum when it comes to car insurance. Here are your options.

Third party liability for a Peugeot

First and foremost, it's absolutely crucial to address the only compulsory cover in Switzerland. This is motor third-party liability, which differs from private third-party liability. It applies in the event of an accident on the road, for which the insured is responsible. This cover compensates third parties who may be victims of the incident.
For someone looking for cheap insurance for a Peugeot, it's perfectly possible to make do with this cover. However, it provides no cover for the insured and his or her vehicle in the event of a claim, whether at fault or not.

Complete casco for a Peugeot

To take advantage of insurance with a higher level of cover, it is possible to opt for what is known as complete casco.
First and foremost, it includes partial casco. This level of coverage compensates the insured in the event of a claim. Coverage is provided in the event of theft, fire, collision with an animal or damage caused by bad weather.
Partial casco does not provide coverage in the event of an at-fault collision. To be covered, you'll need to take out what's known as casco collision. It's the combination of these two coverages, known as full casco.

Total damage for a Peugeot

Total damage cover may be relevant when it comes to Peugeot insurance. Total damage is a situation in whichthe vehicle is not repairable, because repairs are impossible or too costly for the insurer.
By choosing to underwrite such an option on his contract, the insured will benefit from reimbursements, should he find himself in this situation. Most insurers offer reimbursement of the replacement value of the vehicle, if the claim occurs within the first two years of registration.
Then, we talk about reimbursement of the market value, which can be increased by a percentage depending on the coverage chosen.

Parking car insurance for a Peugeot

Parking damage often holds unpleasant surprises for motorists. Finding scratches on your car after leaving it in a parking lot can result in compensation from the insurer, thanks to parking lot insurance. In general, this cover is reserved for recent vehicles.

Insuring your battery and charging station

For electric Peugeot insurance or Peugeot hybrid insurance, most insurers offer dedicated formulas. For example, you can insure your battery against loss of autonomy, user mishandling or any other type of claim. The charging station you may have at home is also insurable.

How much does Peugeot insurance cost?

The price of Peugeot insurance is calculated according to the insured's profile. The older an insured is, the more likely he or she is to get an advantageous rate. The insurer takes into account the insured's level of experience on the road. The vehicle will also be taken into account, in calculating the amount to be paid. The higher the value of a vehicle, the more the insurer is likely to pay out in the event of a claim. In general, therefore, the premium is proportional to the car's market value.
Finally, the insurer will take into account the risks associated with the chosen model. The more powerful a vehicle, the higher the premium price is likely to be.

Which insurance company to insure a Peugeot in Switzerland?

People wishing to insure a Peugeot will be spoilt for choice between several insurance companies.

Swiss insurance companies

The best placed insurance companies in terms of price, for a Peugeot insurance are AXA, TCS and Smile. In particular, they offer the most attractive rates, for those who only wish to have third-party liability.
For a contract with more options, such as a complete casco, you'll be able to turn to players like Allianz.

Santander insurance

It's also important to point out that Peugeot provides its customers with its own insurance solutions via Santander insurance. It will eventually be possible to negotiate preferential conditions, especially for the acquisition of a new Peugeot.

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