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Skoda is a European brand with excellent value for money. Users can enjoy a robust vehicle at a reasonable price. If you'd like to demand the same from your Skoda insurance, don't miss the next few lines. Our team reviews the essential warranties when insuring a Skoda vehicle. You'll also discover the best Swiss insurance companies to cover you.

What car insurance for a Skoda?

In Switzerland, for Skoda insurance as for any other brand, only third-party liability is compulsory. However, other options may be essential, particularly when insuring a new vehicle.

Tort liability for a Skoda

It's perfectly possible to insure a Skoda with simple third-party liability. The only compensation provided will be for third parties, in the event of damage caused by the insured. No reimbursement is provided in favor of the insured.
This minimum insurance is ideal for saving money. It seems appropriate for a vehicle that was put on the road more than 10 years ago.
Nevertheless, we prefer more comprehensive cover, to take advantage of reimbursement in the event of a claim.

Partial casco and collision casco for a Skoda

To take advantage of a higher level of cover, Skoda owners can insure with:
  • The partial casco, which provides cover for damage caused by external elements, such as bad weather, glass breakage, collisions with animals, theft or vandalism.
  • The casco complète, thanks to which the motorist is insured, even when he himself is responsible for a collision.

Total damage for a Skoda

The insurance contract may also provide for special reimbursements in the event of total damage. This is a situation in which, following a claim, the vehicle cannot be repaired. This may be because repairs are too expensive, or because they are technically impossible.
This option is mainly recommended for people wishing to insure a recent Skoda. For vehicles less than 2 years old, it is generally possible to obtain reimbursement of the replacement value in the event of total damage.

Parking car insurance for a Skoda

As for car insurance parking, this guarantees the driver in the event of parking damage. If when the vehicle is parked, it is scratched or damaged, without the person responsible being known, this guarantee enables compensation to be paid.
This option is reserved for recent cars. Most insurers refuse to grant car-park insurance for cars over 5 years old. If you're looking for Skoda insurance, for a new car, this option may be useful.

Insuring your battery and charging point

Skoda has developed an electric iV range as well as a hybrid range. For those wishing to equip themselves with this type of model, options can be taken out, such as insurance of the vehicle's battery or charging station. You'll then be covered, should one of its accessories fail, or even if you make a mishandle.

Insuring a Skoda lease

More and more users are choosing to take out a Skoda lease. This flexible formula effectively allows you to take advantage of all-inclusive packages, by frequently changing the vehicle.
In general, when leasing a vehicle, full casco is imposed. This seems consistent with the fact that these are generally recent vehicles.

How much does insurance cost for a Skoda?

The price of Skoda insurance will be set according to the driver's profile, but also the vehicle. The higher the value of a car, the more expensive the premium is likely to be. Moreover, for powerful vehicles, the insurance company may apply a surcharge, considering that there is an additional risk.
To find out the price of Skoda insurance, it may be pertinent to visit an online insurance comparator. By entering a few details, you'll get quotes.

Which insurance company to insure a Skoda in Switzerland?

To insure a Skoda in Switzerland, you can rely on contacts like Smile. This online insurer offers comprehensive formulas at attractive rates.
The AXA group also offers very comprehensive formulas, with formidable value for money. In the case of electric vehicle insurance, it will be possible to be covered against damage to the battery or charging station.
Finally, groups such as Generali and Allianz are renowned for the quality of their customer service. These two insurance companies offer comprehensive formulas to cover almost any situation. Compared with AXA, deductibles are often lower in the event of a claim. So you can choose the options that make the most sense.

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