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The Tesla brand has established itself as one of the leaders in high-end electric cars. The brand's success is due to its ability to listen carefully to users' needs. For the brand's customer experience to be perfect, it's still necessary to find the right insurance for a Tesla. In this article, our team deciphers the essential coverages, as well as a selection of the best insurance companies. Tesla even offers its own solutions.

What car insurance for a Tesla?

The Swiss can choose between several levels of insurance. They can also opt for relevant options, enabling them to get good coverage with a Tesla.

Tesla third-party liability

Third-party liability is the lowest level of cover acceptable in Switzerland, to be able to drive around in a car. It simply allows indemnification of third parties, when the driver causes them a loss.
No indemnification of the insured is provided, when one is content with civil liability car.
Tesla are top-of-the-range vehicles, for which most owners opt for a higher level of coverage. The purchase of such a car therefore seems incompatible with a simple civil liability policy. This type of contract is generally reserved for people on a tight budget.

Partial casco for a Tesla

For better insurance, you can opt for partial casco. This allows the driver to be insured against damage from external elements. This covers anything that cannot be covered by a third party's civil liability.
Examples include collision with an animal, damage due to bad weather, theft of the vehicle or an act of vandalism.
In short, for claims where there is no one at fault, partial casco is indispensable.

Collision casco for a Tesla

Most road users who need to insure a Tesla in Switzerland opt for comprehensive casco, which includes partial casco and collision casco. This latter coverage allows the insured to be compensated when he himself is responsible for a collision.

Total damage and parking car insurance for a Tesla

Other options can be added to the contract. Total damage allows insurance cover when the car cannot be repaired for financial or technical reasons.
To insure a new Tesla, car insuranceparking also seems very relevant. It guarantees the driver against so-called parking damage. This can include scratches, or dents found on a car after a period of parking.
Beware, in general, insurers only agree to offer parking car insurance for vehicles less than 5 years old.

Insuring your battery or charging station

Insuring a Tesla also means insuring an electric car. Certain options specific to this technology are therefore required, to take advantage of comprehensive coverage. In particular, contracts can include battery insurance, in case of loss of autonomy or even mishandling on the part of the user.
If you have a charging station at home, be aware that some insurance companies also offer to insure this equipment.

How much does insurance for a Tesla cost in Switzerland?

Even if the Tesla is perceived as a luxury electric car, its insurance doesn't necessarily cost more than that of other brands. To calculate the premium, the insurer bases itself on:
  • The model, power or value of the car,
  • The insured's profile, behavior on the road and possible bonus or malus,
  • The use that will be made of the car: frequency of use, garage parking... Etc.
For Tesla owners, it's still advisable to opt for comprehensive contracts, providing effective coverage in the event of damage. To find the best rates according to its guarantees, you can use an online insurance comparator.
Furthermore, it's important to point out that Tesla insurance can cost less than insurance for combustion cars. Indeed, many companies choose to offer a discount on the premium, for cleaner vehicles.

Comparing insurance for a Tesla in Switzerland

For Tesla insurance in Switzerland, users will be spoilt for choice. Among the most prominent insurers, we've chosen to select AXA, for its comprehensive packages at attractive rates. Beware, however, that a low premium may conceal high deductibles to be paid in the event of a claim.
TCS also offers comprehensive coverage. In addition, the insurance company covers the battery, but also the charging station.
Finally, from all the offers available on the market, we chose to select Allianz. If the quality of its customer service is no longer approved, the rates can be attractive, since a reduction in the amount of premiums is generally offered to new customers.

InsureMyTesla insurance

The insurance solutions offered by Tesla are comprehensive. The brand's customers will not only be able to take advantage of preferential rates, but also comprehensive coverage. Contracts include protection for the battery and the home charging station So this is potentially the right solution, if you're looking for Tesla insurance in Switzerland.

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