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Renault is a French car brand that can be found quite frequently on Swiss roads. It offers a wide range of models, from the small Twingo to the top-of-the-range SUV. In this article, we'll tell you everything you need to know about Renault insurance. In Switzerland, some coverages aremandatory. Others, which are optional, are nonetheless essential if you want to be well protected on the road.

What car insurance for a Renault?

Here's our breakdown of the different coverages you can take out for your Renault insurance in Switzerland.

Third party liability for a Renault

For people looking for cheap Renault insurance, it's possible to make do with third party motor liability. This is the compulsory level of cover, to drive on our roads.
With this kind of contract, the insured is not covered in the event of a claim. Only the victims of a claim for which he or she is responsible can benefit from compensation. The insurer can pay for bodily injury or material damage caused by its customer.

Complete casco for a Renault

To be able to take advantage of coverage in the event of a claim, the insured can opt for what is known as partial casco. This level of cover provides coverage when the insured is the victim of a claim, caused by external elements. This may involve bad weather, which damages the vehicle's bodywork. It can also be theft, fire or collision with animals on the road.
Collision insurance covers the insured when he is responsible for a collision.
A comprehensive policy combines partial and collision coverage.

Total damage for a Renault

Total damage is the term used when, following a claim, it is not possible to pay for repairs to a vehicle. Total damage is economic, when repairs are too costly for the insurer. Damage is technical, when it's not possible to repair the car.
Subscribing to total damage cover can enable you to benefit from good reimbursements, in the event of a claim. Most of the time, for the first year, or even the first two years on the road, insurers offer reimbursement of replacement value.

Parking car insurance for a Renault

Owners looking for insurance for a new Renault are well advised to take out car insuranceparking. The latter provides coverage in the event of parking damage. In other words, if you find your car scratched, after having parked it in a parking lot, the insurer will be able to offer you cover.

Insuring your battery and charging point

Renault has been developing a range of electric vehicles for some years now. For motorists choosing to drive using this technology, certain guarantees have become essential. For example, you can ask your insurer to cover any damage to the battery or your charging station.

How much does insurance cost for a Renault?

Insuring a Renault costs less than insuring a luxury car, such as an Audi or Mercedes. The difference in rates is explained by the fact that the insurer will try to calculate the costs that could be incurred by covering a claim. As Renault cars are less expensive than those from the big luxury brands, so are the associated premiums.
Beware, the insured's profile will also be taken into account by the insurer. A person with a bonus, or several years' experience on the road will thus pay less than a young driver, or someone with a malus.

Which insurance company to insure a Renault in Switzerland?

Numerous insurance companies are likely to offer contracts to insure a Renault in Switzerland.

Swiss insurance for a Renault

Among the most emblematic insurers, Renault owners will be able to call on AXA. The company offers excellent value for money on most of its cover, whether it's third-party liability or superior cover. On the other hand, beware: a low premium may conceal high deductibles to be paid in the event of a claim.
New players are offering attractive rates. This is the case with Smile, an online insurer that allows you to insure at a low price, thanks to dematerialized services.
For comprehensive cover, impeccable customer service and excellent compensation, you can also turn to companies like Allianz.

Insuring your Renault with Zurich

For those wishing to insure a leased car with Renault, the contact offered by the Zurich brand. The company offers three levels of cover, from which to choose, between third-party liability, partial comprehensive and collision.
You can also choose this insurance from Renault, if you buy your vehicle. The partnership between the car brand and the insurance company can potentially enable you to take advantage of preferential rates.

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