Ford insurance in Switzerland: what you need to know


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Ford is an American car brand, renowned for the reliability of its models. It offers a diverse range, including vehicles for private use, commercial vehicles, and even electric cars. We invite you to discover Ford insurance in Switzerland. There are different types of cover that you can take out, if you choose to buy or lease a vehicle from the brand.

What car insurance for a Ford?

Here are the covers you could take out, if you want to insure a Ford in Switzerland.

Car liability for a Ford

Car liability is not optional in Switzerland, it's a must! It enables the insurer to stand in for its customer, to be able to compensate for any property damage and bodily injury it causes to third parties.
The legislation of many countries provides for an obligation to take out such a level of cover. This ensures that people suffering damage will be compensated, whatever the means of the person responsible.
For people looking for cheap Ford insurance, it's possible to make do with this level of cover.

Complete casco for a Ford

To be able to take advantage of compensation in the event of a claim, when there is no third party responsible, a higher level of cover is nevertheless required. You can opt for:
  • Partial cover: this allows you to be insured in the event of an accident caused by an external factor, such as bad weather or a collision with an animal. Theft, vandalism and fire can also be covered.
  • The casco collision: this last level of cover, giving access to what is known as casco complète, meanwhile allows you to benefit from compensation when the insured is responsible for a collision.

Total damage and car-park insurance for a Ford

Total damage cover is an option that can be added to your contract. It means you don't have to pay a deductible to receive compensation in the event of total damage. As a reminder, this is a situation in which the insurer does not pay for vehicle repairs, because they are too costly or impossible. This type of cover can reimburse all or part of the vehicle's value.
As for car insuranceparking, this enables the insured to benefit from coverage in the event of parking damage. If your vehicle is scratched or damaged in a parking lot, and you can't find the person responsible, you'll be able to claim compensation.
Beware, if it's an act of vandalism, which could be spotted by surveillance cameras, the partial casco will take care of the claim.

Insuring your battery and charging point

For electric car users, Ford's insurance can take care of damage to the battery. The home charging point can also be covered, in the event of failure or damage.

Insuring a Ford utility

Ford is known for the quality of its commercial vehicles for professionals. If you own or lease such a vehicle, there's a useful option. It's called cover for items transported.
For example, a craftsman suffering damage to his work equipment or the materials he's transporting could benefit from compensation.
Also, if the van is required to transport people who aren't Swiss, occupant insurance may be essential.

How much does insurance cost for a Ford?

It's possible to insure a Ford for a very reasonable rate, particularly if you opt exclusively for third-party liability.
The rate is indexed to the value of the vehicle, but also to the profile of the insured. A cautious person with a bonus and several years' experience on the road will thus be able to take advantage of an attractive price.

Which insurance company to insure a Ford in Switzerland?

To insure a Ford in Switzerland, you can opt for several insurance companies.

Insuring your Ford with a Swiss insurance company

The first solution is to turn to traditional insurers, such as AXA, Allianz below or Generali.
You can also opt for online insurance players like Smile, which generally offer more attractive rates. The dematerialization of services effectively provides a significant competitive advantage, thanks to reduced operating costs.

Ford car insurance

Like most brands, Ford now only offers its own insurance solutions. They are not necessarily reserved for customers who choose to lease a Ford.
You'll be able to find all the coverages expected, to insure a new Ford. It is also possible, for a used Ford, to opt exclusively for third-party liability.
When it comes to the brand's insurance, it will be possible to take advantage of attractive rates, especially if you buy a new vehicle.

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