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The German brand Audi is very present on the roads in Switzerland. those looking for a top-of-the-range vehicle appreciate the brand's reliability. To insure an Audi, certain warranties are essential. Indeed, it's hardly advisable to settle for the minimum, given the potential cost of repairs in the event of a claim. Our team takes a look at useful coverages and the companies that can help.

What car insurance for an Audi?

Here are the coverages you could take out, for the insurance of an Audi. As this is a top-of-the-range vehicle, the coverages must be adapted.

Total liability for an Audi

Total liability is the minimum level of insurance, compulsory in Switzerland. It provides the insured with cover when he causes damage to third parties. In the event of an accident for which he or she is responsible, what is known as car civil liability will provide compensation for material damage and bodily injury.
Beware, for an individual who already has private civil liability, it is still necessary to take out car civil liability. One is not a substitute for the other.

Partial casco for an Audi

For a higher level of coverage, your Audi can be insured with what's known as partial casco. Here, the insured is covered in the event of damage caused by an external cause. These are all situations that cannot be covered by another individual's civil liability.
We're talking in particular about theft, vandalism, vehicle fire or even a collision with an animal. These are all situations in which there is no responsible party to be able to pay for the property damage or bodily injury suffered.
When you insure an Audi, the costs incurred in the event of needing repairs can be significant. It's therefore a good idea to choose at least this level of coverage.

Collision coverage for an Audi

When insuring an Audi, you can also opt for collision coverage. The insurance contract will then cover the insured, evenwhen he himself is responsible for the loss. In the event of an at-fault accident, the insurer will offer reimbursement for material damage caused to the car, and for any bodily injury caused.
A contract combining partial casco and collision casco is what we call a complete casco.

Parking insurance for an Audi

The car insuranceparking insurance covers the insured, when he finds his car scratched or even damaged, after having left it in a parking lot. When it's not an act of vandalism, which can be covered by partial casco, this option is useful.
If you want to insure a new Audi with impeccable bodywork, don't hesitate to include this option in your contract.

Total damage insurance

Finally, total damage is a situation in which the insurer cannot take charge of vehicle repairs because they are too costly, or technically impossible.
Total damage insurance allows you to take advantage of a refund. If it's a new Audi, most insurers offer to reimburse 100% of the vehicle's value within the first two years of registration.

How much does insurance for an Audi cost?

To find out the price of insurance for an Audi, you can simply run simulations on the Internet. The price depends not only on the vehicle insured, its power and value, but also on the insured's profile. If the latter has little experience on the road, or has already suffered claims, the premium may be higher than average.

Automobile insurance for a leased Audi

Audi offers leased vehicles. In the case of a lease, the minimum coverage is usually comprehensive. The lessee rarely has a choice of coverage levels, especially for such a high-end vehicle. There may be room for negotiation if the insurance is pay-per-kilometre, and the driver does not drive much.

Which insurance company to insure an Audi in Switzerland?

All Swiss insurance companies offering car insurance are likely to take on the insurance of an Audi. Nevertheless, we have chosen to select a few companies that stand out.
For those looking for low-cost insurance, Helvetica offers the most attractive rates on many Audi models, such as the A3 or A5. Axa also offers insurance at attractive prices. However, with each of these companies, you'll often have to pay a substantial deductible in the event of a claim.
For a comprehensive package with no deductible, you can put your trust in La Bâloise. The company offers very comprehensive formulas, which even include parking damage and bonus protection in the event of a claim. So it's the ideal Audi insurance, for those who want to be covered for as many situations as possible.

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