Toyota insurance: what you need to know


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Toyota is a pioneering brand when it comes to hybrid vehicles. Whether you choose to go electric or not, you'll need insurance if you want to take a Toyota on the road. In this article, we take a look at Toyota insurance in Switzerland and the compulsory warranties. While some are optional, they really do make all the difference in the event of a claim, even when the insured is at fault.

What car insurance for a Toyota?

If you've just bought a Toyota, here's some information you need to know about insurance in Switzerland. We'll decipher for you the various guarantees you can take out to ensure you have optimum coverage.

Torque liability

In Switzerland,auto insurance is compulsory. All motorists must at least take out what's known as third-party motor liability. This covers third parties in the event of an accident caused by the driver of the vehicle.
To give a concrete example, when a driver is responsible for an accident, it is possible that he or she may cause material damage or bodily injury to third parties. The insurer will then compensate the latter.
This obligation relating to civil liability ensures that victims are always compensated, regardless of the financial means of the person responsible for an accident.

Partial and collision casco for a Toyota

For recent Toyota insurance, civil liability is often perceived as insufficient coverage. Motorists generally wish to have coverage, enabling them to be compensated in the event of a claim.
We could opt for:
  • Partial casco: this covers damage to the insured's vehicle, such as hail, collision with an animal, theft or fire.
  • Collision: this covers damage that occurs when the insured is himself responsible for a collision, and there is evidence of damage to his vehicle or bodily injury.

Total damage for a Toyota

Total damage is when the car is beyond repair. This can be for economic reasons, when repairs are more expensive than the car's value. Total damage can also be technical, when it's technically impossible to get a vehicle back on the road.
For recent Toyota insurance, it's important to have solid cover, for this type of damage. In particular, this can allow a reimbursement to new, when the claim occurs in the first years of the vehicle's registration.

Parking car insurance for a Toyota

For people looking for insurance for a new Toyota, car insuranceparking is a must. It covers the insured in the event of parking damage. In other words, if the vehicle is scratched or damaged while parked, the insurer will pay for repairs.
The option is particularly relevant, for those who regularly park their vehicles in public parking lots. It's also the case for those who don't have a closed garage for the night.
For vehicles over 5 years old, most insurers refuse to offer car-park insurance cover. However, it is still possible to be covered thanks to casco complète, subject to a deductible in the event of a claim.

Insuring your battery and charging station

The Toyota brand is renowned for its range of hybrid vehicles. It now offers a wide range of electric vehicles.
For owners of a Toyota hybrid or Toyota electric, it's a good idea to take out cover specific to this type of technology. Your insurer may, for example, offer to insure your battery or even the charging station you have at home.

How much does insurance cost for a Toyota?

The price of insurance for a Toyota depends on several factors, such as:
  • The insured's profile: age, sex...
  • His behavior on the road: at-fault claims, bonus or malus...
  • The vehicle's characteristics: its value, its power...
The insurer will actually assess the risk he's taking on by offering an insurance contract to a person. A powerful vehicle, for example, may be perceived as more risky, in terms of the chance of a claim. The premium offered to ayoung driver will also generally be higher than for an experienced driver with a bonus.

Which insurance company to insure a Toyota in Switzerland?

Among the iconic Swiss insurers, AXA and Smile offer insurance contracts with an absolutely unbeatable value for money. For those wishing to have the most comprehensive contract possible, Allianz and Generali offer ideal cover for insuring a new Toyota.
Finally, owners of a vehicle from the brand can take advantage of the services of Toyota assurance. The brand has indeed developed a range of coverage, specifically dedicated to these models. The products are available not only to those who take out a Toyota lease, but also to those who choose to buy their car.

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