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Mercedes is a top-of-the-range vehicle brand, offering sedans as well as commercial vehicles. In this article, we offer you all the useful information you need about Mercedes insurance. While most major groups can offer you coverage, it is also possible to go directly through this brand'sinsurance. We decipher for you the useful options, when it comes to insurance contracts.

What car insurance for a Mercedes?

First and foremost, it's important to fully understand the contents of your car insurance, detailing the usefulness of the various coverages.

Civil liability for a Mercedes

Civil liability is a compulsory coverage in Switzerland that provides cover for third parties. When an insured causes damage to someone, it is therefore by virtue of this cover that the insurer will be able to offer compensation for bodily injury or property damage.
People looking for an economical insurance solution may be content with this. On the other hand, most Mercedes owners want to take advantage of a higher level of cover. This seems consistent with the fact that it's a luxury vehicle.

Complete casco for a Mercedes

To be well protected, you need to take out:
  • A partial casco, to be insured against damage for which the motorist is not responsible, such as bad weather, a collision with an animal or even theft of the vehicle.
  • A casco collision, in the event of a collision caused by the insured.
When these two levels of coverage are combined, we speak of comprehensive casco. In general, people who own a recent Mercedes, or who lease this type of vehicle, claim this level of cover.

Total damage for a Mercedes

Total damage is a situation in which the car cannot be repaired, because repairs are too expensive or technically impossible. This situation can be covered by comprehensive insurance. On the other hand, you'll often have to pay a high deductible, to obtain a total or partial refund of the vehicle.
For Mercedes insurance, it's still advisable to take out total damage as an option on the contract. If the premium is more expensive, it will enable you to benefit from better reimbursements, without having to pay a deductible.

Parking car insurance for a Mercedes

Insurers generally offer parking car insurance for cars put on the road less than 5 years ago. They enable the insured to benefit from cover in the event of scratches, or otherparking damage of this type.
When the bodywork of a Mercedes is damaged in a parking lot, the costs incurred in bodywork can be expensive. Such coverage is therefore relevant, if you regularly park in public parking lots.

How much does insurance cost for a Mercedes?

Insuring a Mercedes can cost more than insuring a Renault or even an Opel. It's important to understand how the insurer works, when calculating the premium.
The insurer will first look at the insured's profile. Age, gender and level of experience on the road can all affect the price. The accumulation of a malus or a bonus will be reflected in the quote.
The insurer will also assess the amounts he may have to compensate in the event of a claim. The more expensive the vehicle, the higher the premium is likely to be. Mercedes cars are top-of-the-range vehicles, for which the costs incurred can be onerous. The power of the car will also be taken into account, as an additional risk on the road.

Which insurance company to insure a Mercedes in Switzerland?

Policyholders will be able to choose between a multitude of insurance companies, for Mercedes insurance.

Insurance companies to insure a Mercedes

Almost any company is likely to take on Mercedes insurance. For the best value for money, you can opt for players like AXA or Smile, who offeronline insurance.
Most people who own a prestige vehicle will tend to turn to companies like Allianz or Generali. They offer the most comprehensive coverage.

The insurance offered by Mercedes

You can also rely on Mercedes insurance, marketed directly by the brand. The brand offers insurance for leased vehicles or car financing.
When it comes to car insurance, the contracts offered are among the most comprehensive on the market. 0 km assistance, repatriation, repair with original parts, the options are numerous.
Furthermore, Mercedes brand customers can take advantage of preferential rates. Their loyalty is also rewarded, with a reduction in the premium, but also in the deductibles to be paid, year after year of insurance.
In your search for car insurance for a Mercedes, it may be pertinent to multiply quotes from several insurance companies, so you can compare them. Don't forget Mercedes, which can be an interesting interlocutor.

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