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Head office : Concordia Schweiz. Kranken- und Unfallversicherung AG, Bundesplatz 15 - 6002 Luzern

All you need to know about Concordia health insurance

Created in 1913 as the health insurance union of the Swiss Catholic People's Association, Concordia is one of Switzerland's leading health insurers. Concordia began its activities in the canton of Zug, then in the canton of Lucerne in 1929, which will remain its head office.
Concordia bases its strength on customer satisfaction and today has over 600,000 policyholders and more than 1,400 employees, making it the market leader in the Principality of Liechtenstein.
Today, Concordia offers a wide range of insurance products for individuals and businesses, with the main focus on health insurance with its basic health insurance product (LAMal) and various supplementary insurances. Concordia has recently begun to diversify, offering private pension products in particular.

What are the different opinions on Concordia?

Overall opinion on Concordia health insurance:

Concordia ranks high in the customer satisfaction rankings for the quality of its customer service and the clarity of its services.

Customer service: Concordia service review

Concordia scores 5/6 for ease of communication and information

What is Concordia's health insurance reservation rate?

In 2021, Concordia's reserves amounted to CHF 1,076.20 million, with a solvency ratio set at 256%.

How is the solvency ratio calculated?

Year Concordia's reserves (CHF million) Legal minimum reserves (CHF million) Solvency ratio
2021 1'076.20 419.70 256%

What basic insurance models does Concordia offer?

Traditional model:

The traditional model offered by Concordia offers great flexibility when it comes to accessing care. Indeed, you are free to choose the doctors and specialists you wish to consult. In principle, this model is the most expensive.


Based on the classic family doctor model, Concordia's MyDoc model offers you the choice of a referral doctor, who will be your first point of contact in the event of health concerns, with a few exceptions such as emergencies or other cases. Following consultation with your family doctor, he or she will guide you as to which specialists to consult or treatment to follow.


Concordia's HMO model links you to HMO health networks. In the event of health concerns, your doctor at an HMO center is your contact person. He or she will guide you in deciding which treatments to follow and which specialists to consult. This model can also help you make substantial savings on your health insurance premiums.


The SmartDoc model, based on the classic telemedicine model, puts you in touch with a telemedicine center by telephone or via the Concordia Medgate app. In the event of health concerns, you will be directly advised by one of the platform's health specialists, who will tell you what to do next. This model is also interesting for people looking to save on their insurance premiums.

What are the different supplementary insurances offered by Concordia?

Concordia offers 9 complementary insurance packages, to address the different stages of life.

Diversa supplementary insurance:

The Diversa supplementary insurance offered by Concordia gives you a free choice of the insurance cover you need such as dental, optical or world cover.

Hospitalization insurance:

Concordia's supplementary hospitalization insurance comes in the following 4 variants:
  • Private Division:In the event of hospitalization, you will be admitted to a private division, offering you a room alone as well as your choice of specialists.
  • Mi-private division: In the event of hospitalization, you will be admitted in a semi-private division, offering you a double room as well as your choice of specialists.
  • Common division: In the event of hospitalization, you will be admitted to the common division, offering you a room for up to 8 patients.
  • Complementary Libero: You'll be free to choose your care facility, your doctor and benefit from more comfort in hospital

Complementary Natura insurance:

Natura supplementary insurance offers broad coverage of alternative care and focuses on health promotion and prevention

Supplementary insurance for dental care

Concordia's supplementary dental insurance offers broad coverage of dental care for you and your family. This supplementary insurance can be essential to avoid excessive bills.

Supplementary daily allowance insurance

The daily allowance insurance offered by Concordia gives you financial security in the event of loss of salary due to inability to work.

Supplementary vacation and travel insurance

Concordia's vacation and travel insurance covers you against the possible consequences of illness or accident when traveling abroad. This coverage applies worldwide

How much does health insurance at Concordia cost?

For basic health insurance, rates range from CHF 376.70 to CHF 462.00 for an adult, depending on the canton of residence, deductible and model chosen.
In the case of supplementary insurance for an adult, below are the different rates:

Rates for Concordia hospitalization insurance:

Supplementary insurance Monthly premium (CHF)
Division Commune 4.50
Mi-private division 82.60
Private division 143.90
Complementary LIBERO 21.40

Complementary Natura rates:

Complementary insurance Monthly premium (CHF)
Natura 23.00
Natura Plus 39.50

Diversa complementary rates:

Complementary insurance Monthly premium (CHF)
Diversa 13.00
Diversa Care 20.00
Diversa Plus 26.00
Diversa Premium 40.00

Dental supplementary rates:

Concordia offers 4 variants of dental supplementary insurance ranging from 21.00 to 62.00 francs per month depending on the cover and reimbursements chosen.

Complementary Accidenta rates:

Complementary insurance Monthly premium (CHF)
Complementary Accidenta 8.40

How to take out Concordia health insurance?

Various Concordia agencies are at your disposal to benefit from expert advice. You can also visit or call
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