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Head office: Helsana Versicherungen AG, Postfach - 8081 Zürich

All about Helsana health insurance

Founded in 1899, the Helsana group began life as Helvetia. In 1991 came the takeover of Progrès (Artisana), giving name to Helsana Assurance SA in 1997. Helsana went on to acquire several groups such as Avanex, Sansan in 2003 as well as Aerosana in 2006.
Today, Helsana offers private and professional insurance while focusing on health insurance. Several offers are available, ranging from basic insurance to various supplementary insurance, including insurance for cross-border workers.
With its more than 2.2 million policyholders and over 3,500 employees, Helsana is one of the leading players in Swiss health insurance.

What are the different opinions about Helsana?

Overall opinion about Helsana health insurance:

Overall satisfaction ratings for Helsana are positive. In particular, many customers cite the quality of customer service, the offers on offer and the clarity of information.
In 2022, Helsana therefore achieves an overall rating of 5/6 based on a survey of 3,400 people by the Intervista institute.

Customer service: Helsana service opinion

Helsana scores 5.1/6 on ease of communication and information

What is Helsana health insurance's solvency ratio?

In 2021, Helsana's reserves amounted to 1'424.30 million francs, with a solvency ratio set at 245%.

How is the solvency ratio calculated?

Helsana's reserves (million francs) Legal minimum reserves (million francs) Solvency ratio
1'424.30 662.5 215%

What are the basic insurance models offered by Helsana?

BASIS model

The Basis model offers policyholders free choice of doctor. Thanks to this model, you are free to choose your doctor or specialist in the event of health concerns. This is the model that offers the most freedom to policyholders.

BeneFit PLUS family doctor model

The BeneFit PLUS family doctor model, based on the family doctor principle, offers policyholders the option of choosing their family doctor at the time of enrolment. This doctor must be consulted first by the policyholder in the event of a health problem. If, at a later date, consultation of a specialist is necessary, this will be carried out under prescription from the family doctor. You are also free to choose a Medbase practice as your first point of contact in the event of a health problem.
Insurance premium reduction: 10, 12, 14 or 16% premium reduction depending on the service provider.

BeneFit PLUS Telmed model

The BeneFit PLUS Telmed model, based on the principle of a classic telemedicine model, offers you the possibility of contacting a Helsana partner medical center to consult a doctor or specialist by telephone. They will guide you through the procedure.
Insurance premium reduction: 15%

PREMED-24 model

The PREMED-24 model is based on a classic telemedicine model. You are free to contact the Medi24 telemedicine center before any physical consultation. The telemedicine center will guide you as to how to proceed and which specialists, if any, to consult.
Insurance premium reduction: 8%

What are the different supplementary insurance products offered by Helsana?

Helsana offers various supplementary insurance products to cover gaps in basic insurance. These products are divided into 4 categories as below:

Supplementary Ambulatory Insurance:

  • TOP: Covers major outpatient benefits
  • SANA: Covers outpatient benefits and alternative treatments
  • COMPLETA: Combines TOP and SANA benefits, with higher reimbursements
  • PRIMEO : Supplementary hospitalization insurance and outpatient procedures
  • WORLD : Supplementary outpatient insurance covering frequent stays abroad

Supplementary hospitalization insurance :

  • HOSPITAL ECO: Supplementary insurance in general ward, free choice of hospital and 100% of costs
  • HOSPITAL HALF-PRIVATE: Supplementary half-private insurance, twin room and free choice of doctor
  • HOSPITAL PRIVATE: Private hospital insurance, single room and free choice of doctor
  • HOPITAL FLEX: Flexible supplementary insurance: Free choice of division

Supplementary dental insurance - DENTAplus:

  • DENTAplus LIGHT: Reimbursements 75%, max. 300 per calendar year
  • DENTAplus BRONZE : Refunds 50%, max. 1'000 per calendar year
  • DENTAplus SILVER : Refunds 75%, max. 2'000.- per calendar year
  • DENTAplus GOLD : Reimbursements 75%, max. 3'000.- per calendar year
  • DENTAplus COMBI : Reimbursements 50%, max. 1'000.- per calendar year, if dental expenses are less than 2'000.-. If costs are higher, 80% of the excess is paid

Other supplementary insurance :

  • Legal protection insurance
  • Long-term care insurance
  • Health and accident insurance for foreign guests in Switzerland
  • Daily allowance insurance and lump-sum insurance

How much does health insurance with Helsana cost?

For basic health insurance, rates vary from CHF 387.00 to CHF 477.30 for an adult, depending on the canton of residence, deductible and models chosen.
In the case of supplementary insurance for an adult, below are the different rates (monthly rates displayed in CHF):

Rates for Helsana Ambulatory Supplementary Insurance:

Supplementary insurance Monthly premium (CHF)
Supplementary TOP 14.85
Complementary SANA 23.80
Complementary COMPLETA 46.85
Complementary PRIMEO 14.90
Complementary WORLD 7.90

Rates for Helsana Supplementary Hospital Insurance:

Supplementary insurance Monthly premium (CHF)
Complementary HOSPITAL ECO 2.80
Complémentaire HOSPITAL DEMI-PRIVEE 39.20
Complémentaire HOSPITAL PRIVEE 61.45
Complémentaire HOPITAL FLEX 1 37.00
Complémentaire HOPITAL FLEX 2 49.30

Tariffs for Helsana Supplementary Dental Insurance - DENTAplus:

Supplementary insurance Monthly premium (CHF)
Supplementary DENTAplus LIGHT 11.70
Complémentaire DENTAplus BRONZE 19.30
Complémentaire DENTAplus ARGENT 38.10
Complementary DENTAplus GOLD 56.20
Complementary DENTAplus COMBI 31.10

Rates for other Helsana supplementary insurance:

Supplementary insurance Monthly premium (CHF)
Helsana Advocare Plus legal protection 9.80
Legal protection Helsana Advocare Extra 18.80
Long-term care Cura 14.80
Long-term care Vivante 28.00
Daily benefits Salaria 17.10
Prevea daily benefits Unreported
Hospital Extra daily benefits 6.00
Health insurance for foreign guests Not communicated

How to take out Helsana health insurance

Various Helsana agencies are at your disposal to benefit from expert advice. You can also visit or call
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Frequently Asked Questions

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