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Head office: Jägergasse 3 Postfach 2010, 8021 Zürich

All about Sanitas health insurance

Sanitas was founded in 1958 as a foundation. In 2004, Sanitas became a Société Anonyme before being owned by a holding company, Sanitas Participation SA. The company is headquartered in Zurich.
Sanitas has been active in health insurance for many years through Sanitas Assurances de base SA, and in supplementary insurance through Sanitas Assurances Privées SA.
Today, Sanitas has nearly 580,000 policyholders, making it a majority insurer in Switzerland.

What are the different opinions about Sanitas?

Overall opinion about Sanitas health insurance:

In 2021, Sanitas obtains one of the best overall satisfaction ratings, surveyed by the independent organization "Bon à savoir", having placed it in 1st place among Swiss health insurers.

Customer service : Sanitas service review

Sanitas scores 5.1/6 on ease of communication and information

What is the Sanitas health insurance company's reservation rate?

In 2021, Sanitas reserves amounted to 679 Mio. francs, with a solvency ratio set at 168%.

How is the solvency ratio calculated?

Sanitas reserves (mio. francs) Min. reserves. set by law (million francs) Solvency ratio
679.00 405.20 168%

What basic insurance models does Sanitas offer?

Free choice of doctor:

Sanitas offers the Basic model, leaving the insured free to choose their doctor in the event of health concerns. The Basic model gives you great flexibility should you wish to consult a doctor.

Family doctor model:

The CareMed model, a family doctor model, allows the insured to be followed by the same doctor, who will be his or her main contact in the event of a health problem. Any consultation with a specialist must first have been recommended by the family doctor.

HMO model:

The NetMed and Medbase Multiaccess models offer the insured the option of consulting an HMO practice in the event of health concerns. These alternative models offer discounts ranging from 8% to 17% on your health insurance premiums.

Telemedicine model:

The CallMed, CompactOne and MedBase MultiAccess models offer you rapid consultation via telemedicine, visio or phone call. You'll be put in touch with doctors in the MedGate network, who'll give you instructions on how to proceed. These models can allow you to benefit from 9 to 28% of discount on your insurance premiums.

Care network model:

MedBase MultiAccess, care network models let you choose from three main contacts in the event of a health problem: One of 50 MedBase medical centers, a telemedicine consultation or at a MedBase pharmacy.

What are the different supplementary insurances offered by Sanitas?

Sanitas offers 9 supplementary insurance packages, to address the different stages of life.

Jump supplementary insurance:

Covers optical expenses, glasses and contact lenses, dental, fitness, world coverage. This insurance is suitable for young people aged 19 to 25.

Classic supplementary insurance:

Sanitas offers a supplementary with comprehensive coverage, combining important and optional benefits at high amounts covered.

Family supplementary insurance:

The family offer is a condensed version of the Classic offer, adapted for families. It covers benefits such as orthodontic expenses, pregnancy and maternity expenses or optical expenses.

Supplementary insurance Dental & Dental Basic:

The Dental offer provides comprehensive coverage of dental expenses, advantageous for children. Sanitas also offers Dental Basic, suitable for young adults and adults wishing to cover health expenses.

Supplementary insurance Easy :

The easy offer is comprehensive world coverage. Coverage for outpatient treatment, transport, search and rescue is a real advantage.

Supplementary insurance Désir Enfant:

Désir Enfant is an offer tailored to women wishing to give birth. It adapts to the pregnancy period by offering various examinations as well as privileged access to suitable clinics.

Medical Private supplementary insurance:

The Medical Private offer provides comfort for policyholders who travel a lot or stay abroad. They also have considerable flexibility when it comes to choosing their family doctor.

Assurance complémentaire Salary :

Sanitas offers a package tailored to entrepreneurs and craftsmen wishing to cover the risks of loss of earnings or incapacity for work.

Capital supplementary insurance:

A life insurance-oriented offering, providing financial security in the event of death or disability.

How much does health insurance with Sanitas cost?

For basic health insurance, rates range from 353.20 to 571.90 francs for an adult, depending on the canton of residence, deductible and models chosen.
In the case of supplementary insurance for an adult, below are the different rates:
Supplementary insurance Monthly premium (CHF)
Complementary Classic 42.90
Complémentaire Family 47.65
Complémentaire Dental 54.65
Complémentaire Dental Basic 28.50
Complémentaire Medical Private 17.20
Sanitas also offers hospitalization insurance at the following rates:
Supplementary insurance Monthly premium (CHF)
Hospitalization insurance General 9.95
Hospitalization insurance Semi-Private 94.90
Private hospitalization insurance 107.45
Ambulatory hospitalization insurance 8.20

How to apply for Sanitas health insurance?

Various Sanitas agencies are at your disposal to benefit from expert advice. You can also visit or call
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