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Head office: Mutuel Assurance Maladie SA - Rue de Cèdres 5, 1919 Martigny

All you need to know about Groupe Mutuel health insurance

Founded in 1890, Groupe Mutuel was originally a health insurance company based solely in the canton of Valais. It was in 1988, thanks to the introduction of the health insurance law, that Groupe Mutuel decided to expand nationwide.
In 2006, Philos joined Groupe Mutuel before more than 15 health insurers joined the movement in 2011.
Groupe Mutuel offers various insurance products for individuals and professionals. Today, health insurance represents the majority of its business, through basic and supplementary insurance products.
Today, Groupe Mutuel is positioned as a leader in health insurance in French-speaking Switzerland, with more than 1.4 Million policyholders and over 2,300 employees.

What are the different opinions about Groupe Mutuel?

Overall opinion about Groupe Mutuel health insurance:

Overall satisfaction ratings for Groupe Mutuel are positive. In particular, many customers cite the quality of customer service, the offers on offer and the clarity of information.
In 2022, Groupe Mutuel therefore achieves an overall rating of 4.9/6 based on a survey of 3,400 people by the Intervista institute.

Customer service: Groupe Mutuel service opinion

Groupe Mutuel scores 5/6 on ease of communication and information

What is Groupe Mutuel's health insurance reservation rate?

In 2021, Groupe Mutuel's reserves amounted to 423.50 million francs, with a solvency ratio set at 200%.

How is the solvency ratio calculated?

Groupe Mutuel's reserves (CHF million) Legal minimum reserves (CHF million) Solvency ratio
423.50 211.50 200%

What basic insurance models does Groupe Mutuel offer?

Standard model:

With the Groupe Mutuel standard model, in the event of health concerns, you are free to consult the doctor of your choice. Note that this is generally the most expensive basic insurance model.

Family doctor model - PrimaCare:

In the event of a health problem, you are obliged to give priority to consulting the doctor designated when you took out your basic insurance. He or she will tell you what treatment to follow or, if necessary, which specialist to consult.

Telemedicine model - SanaTel :

With Groupe Mutuel's telemedicine model, in the event of health concerns, you are required to consult the telemedicine platform first before any other steps. This model generally saves on health insurance premiums.

Flexible model - PrimaFlex:

With the flexible model, you are free to choose the first point of contact in the event of health concerns. This model usually saves you money on your basic insurance premiums.

Care network model - OptiMed :

In the event of a health problem, you are free to choose a doctor from the list of Groupe Mutuel partners. This doctor will guide you as to the treatment to follow and refer you, if necessary, to a specialist.

What are the different complementary insurances offered by Groupe Mutuel?

Groupe Mutuem offers various supplementary insurance products to cover gaps in basic insurance. These products are divided into several categories as below:

Supplementary insurance by benefit package:

  • Global: Wide range of benefits and cover in hospitalization and care.
  • Global classic: Offers a wide range of cover for the whole family with attractive discounts
  • Global semi-private and private: Global semi-private supplementary insurance includes the benefits of Global insurance plus hospital cover and comfort in the semi-private or private ward
  • Global smart: Complementary to basic insurance, offers broad benefits in the field of hospitalization and care, at attractive rates.

Complementary hospital insurance:

  • Complementary hospital insurance: The complementary hospital insurance offered by Groupe Mutuel provides 4 levels of coverage to complement basic health insurance.
  • H-Bonus: Before each hospitalization, you are free to choose the ward (general, semi-private or private) and you benefit from a bonus system.
  • Hôpital Sénior: The Sénior supplementary insurance plan allows you to benefit from complementary hospitalization even after retirement.

Supplementary insurance for supplementary care:

  • Bonus: Enables you to benefit from reimbursements on preventive expenses.
  • Complementary care: Offers you attractive reimbursements as regards medical and pharmaceutical care
  • Premium: Allows you to benefit from attractive reimbursements on outpatient care, preventive measures and novel benefits for your day-to-day expenses.

Specific supplementary insurance:

  • Activita: Supplements compulsory accident insurance in the case of professional or private activity
  • Acrobat: Acrobat is accident insurance for children with 3 levels of cover.
  • Dentaire Plus: Dentaire Plus supplementary insurance comes in several levels of cover to take care of dental expenses.
  • Mundo: Mundo complementary insurance covers medical expenses related to an accident or illness abroad.
  • SafetyPro: SafetyPro is accident insurance dedicated to self-employed and salaried workers. It offers coverage for the financial consequences of an accident, whether in the private or professional sphere.
  • Vitalis: Comprehensive accident and illness cover tailored to seniors

Supplementary daily allowance, annuity and lump-sum insurance:

  • H-Capital: Coverage tailored to hospitalization costs through lump-sum payments.
  • Daily benefits in the event of hospitalization: Comprehensive coverage in the event of loss of income (e.g. household help costs)
  • Daily benefits: In the event of incapacity for work, you benefit from tailored coverage.
  • KidsProtect: Provides financial support for families of children with cancer, right from the start of treatment.
  • Provista and Provista Light: Lets you access capital tailored to your needs in the event of disability and/or accidental death.
  • SafeCapital: Allows you to benefit from a lump sum in the event of death by accident or following a sudden illness.
  • Sekunda: Covers you at a lower cost against expenses following an inability to carry out your household chores due to an accident.
  • SanaVista: In the event of death or disability following illness, to benefit from a lump sum.

Additional legal protection insurance:

  • Legis Sana: In the event of a medical dispute, benefit from legal coverage.

How much does Groupe Mutuel health insurance cost?

For basic health insurance, rates range from 364.60 to 450.80 francs for an adult, depending on canton of residence, deductible and model chosen.
In the case of supplementary insurance for an adult, below are the different rates (monthly rates displayed in CHF):

Rates for supplementary insurance for outpatient care:

Supplementary insurance Monthly premium (CHF)
Bonus care 18.20

Rates for supplementary insurance for foreign travel:

Supplementary insurance Monthly premium (CHF)
Mundo 3.50

Supplementary dental care insurance rates:

Supplementary insurance Monthly premium (CHF)
Dental care plus Nv.1 28.00
Dental care plus Nv.2 35.00
Dental care plus Nv.3 42.00

Supplementary disability insurance rates:

Supplementary insurance Monthly premium (CHF)
ProVista from 2.00 to 19.00

Rates for supplementary legal protection insurance:

Supplementary insurance Monthly premium (CHF)
LegisPriva 14.55
LegisDuo 19.65
LegisStrada 10.50

Supplementary hospitalization insurance rates:

Supplementary insurance Monthly premium (CHF)
H-Capital from 6.60 to 13.95

Rates for supplementary insurance choice of hospital ward:

Supplementary insurance Monthly premium (CHF)
H-Bonus 29.10

How to take out Groupe Mutuel health insurance?

Various Groupe Mutuel branches are available for you to benefit from expert advice. You can also visit or call
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