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Health insurance premiums 2024 in Geneva

Comparison of health insurance companies in the canton of Geneva: Official premiums for 2024
Icon de l'assurance Sanitas
CHF 382 / month CompactOne
Icon de l'assurance Assura
CHF 386 / month Qualimed
Icon de l'assurance Vivao Sympany
CHF 395 / month casamed hmo
Icon de l'assurance Mutuel
CHF 399 / month OptiMed
Icon de l'assurance Concordia
CHF 404 / month HMO
Icon de l'assurance ÖKK
CHF 406 / month Select
Icon de l'assurance Helsana
CHF 410 / month BeneFit PLUS Flexmed
Icon de l'assurance Sana24
CHF 412 / month Combi Care
*Example profile born in 1992, deductible 2'500 with accident coverage, living in Geneva.

What is health insurance in Geneva?

Basic health insurance (LAMal) is compulsory for all residents of Geneva or Switzerland. Upon arrival in the country, each citizen has 3 months to choose a health insurance policy with the insurance company of his or her choice. After this period, the Geneva health insurance department automatically assigns a health insurance company to the individual.
Health insurance premiums vary from canton to canton. The insurers themselves set their premiums, prior to control by the confederation. In the canton of Geneva, the health insurance department (SAM) governs these premiums.
It should be noted that all basic health insurances, with equal configurations (accident coverage, deductible, etc.) cover exactly the same benefits, regardless of the premium.
Basic health insurance has limited coverage, particularly when it comes to dental or optical care.
For Geneva residents, it's possible to take out supplementary insurance at reasonable rates to ensure you're properly covered in the event of health concerns. When you subscribe, you will be offered several options, covering alternative medicine or prevention in particular.
For a Geneva resident, we recommend using an insurance comparator to find the right health insurance for your needs at optimal rates.
If in doubt, you can contact the Geneva health insurance department (SAM).

What are the health insurance coverages in Geneva?

The cover offered by health insurance is governed by Articles 25 and 31 of the LAMal and is totally similar from one health insurance company to another. Here are the details of the cover offered by basic health insurance:
  • Dental care in the event of illness
  • Pregnancy expenses
  • Home medical care
  • Nursing care
  • Hospital care in general ward
  • Medical analyses
  • Office emergency care
  • Office consultation with a doctor

What are the different alternative health insurance models in Geneva?

The three main alternative models present in the health insurance system in Geneva all have different advantages and disadvantages, and in some cases allow savings on basic insurance premiums.

The family doctor model in Geneva

The alternative family doctor model is one of the majority models in Switzerland. In the case of a family doctor model, the doctor designated at subscription will be your first point of contact in the event of a health problem, whether for a consultation or an emergency. He or she will have access to your entire medical file and will be able to guide you towards an optimal solution.

The Telemedicine model in Geneva

Frequently referred to as Telmed, the telemedicine model is an alternative health insurance model. In the event of a health problem, you will initially need to contact a medical advice platform by telephone before going to see a doctor. The platform will give you the right advice to direct you towards the most suitable solution, such as a consultation with a doctor or specialist.

The HMO model in Geneva

HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) is an alternative model of health insurance in Switzerland.
The HMO model proposes a network of doctors and specialists grouped together in an HMO medical practice, offering wide-ranging medical services.
If in doubt about the optimal model, you can contact your health insurer.

What is covered by supplementary insurance in Geneva?

The purpose of supplementary insurance is to supplement the gaps in basic health insurance.
Different health insurance companies offer supplementary insurance with varying levels of cover, at different prices.

How do I choose my supplementary insurance in Geneva?

Supplementary insurance supplements benefits not covered by basic insurance such as dental care or glasses.
For this reason, it's important to list your needs before choosing your complementary insurance. When you sign up, you'll be offered several options, enabling you to adjust cover to your needs, so you're covered for every moment of your life.

How much does supplementary insurance cost in Geneva?

Depending on the insurer and canton, supplementary insurance rates can vary widely.
As premiums can range from simple to double, it's important to compare all the offers available to you so you don't spend unnecessarily. To do this, we recommend using a quick and easy online comparator, which will give you a clear visual of the different supplementary insurance rates.
Here are the average rates found for different supplementary insurance benefits:
  • Supplementary dental insurance: from 15 to 40 CHF/month
  • Supplementary optical insurance: from 100 to 200 CHF/year
  • Supplementary travel insurance: around 10 CHF/year

How can you really save on your health insurance in Geneva?

In order to save money on your health insurance in Geneva, several options and information will be offered to you:

1. Choosing the right insurance model

It's possible to save up to 25% on your health insurance premiums by selecting an insurance model that matches your needs.
Giving up free choice of doctor or hospital in favor of family doctor as well as HMO is a solution that can save you between 5 and 25% on your premiums.
Also, some health insurance companies offer telemedicine models (telmed), letting you consult a doctor by telephone before any medical visit. This model is also offered to people wishing to save on their premiums.
Bonus insurance can also be a solution: if the insured does not claim any reimbursements during the year, they will see their monthly premiums reduced.
Note that bonus insurance can be more expensive initially, but can reach a discount of up to 50% after 5 years.

2. Increase your deductible

Increasing your deductible can be a good way to save on your health insurance premiums in Geneva.
For a person in good health, we recommend a deductible of CHF 2,500.
Conversely, and in order to avoid excessive health expenses, if you have health problems requiring frequent consultations, it is essential to take out a CHF 300 deductible.

3. Beware of double insurance

Particularly on accident cover, it's important not to opt for health insurance with accident insurance if you work more than 8 hours a week for the same employer.

4. Suspending your health insurance during military service

To save a few months' premium, you have the option of suspending your health insurance during the period of military or civilian service.

Service de l'assurance maladie de Genève (SAM)

How to contact the service de l'assurance maladie de Genève?

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