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Life is punctuated by moments of change, and when it comes to your health insurance, it's essential to understand how these changes can affect your premium, your benefits, and overall your well-being. One crucial decision you can make is to change your health insurance deductible. In this article, we'll explore the key aspects to consider when it comes to changing your deductible, highlighting the implications on your premium and health-related benefits.

Changing my deductible

The ability to change your insurance deductible is only feasible at the start of the calendar year. If you wish to reduce your deductible, you must send your request before the last working day of November. On the other hand, if you plan to increase your deductible, your request must be sent before the last working day of the year.

What deductibles are available?

Deductible choices vary according to your age bracket. By opting for a higher deductible, you can reduce the amount of your insurance premium. For children, the standard deductible is CHF 0, but other options include deductibles of CHF 100, CHF 200, CHF 300, CHF 400, CHF 500, and CHF 600. For adults, the standard deductible is CHF 300, with additional options of CHF 500, CHF 1,000, CHF 1,500, CHF 2,000, and CHF 2,500.

How can I change my deductible?

If you wish to change your deductible for January 1 of the following year, you can do so using our online form "Sample deductible change letter". If you wish to reduce your deductible, please ensure that your request is received before the last working day of November. In the case of a deductible increase, you have until the last working day of the year to submit your request.
If you have any questions or need advice, please do not hesitate to contact us. Your health deserves quality service.
Alexis Milon
Updated on: 01.02.2024Written by Alexis MilonHead of health insurance department at Comparea.
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