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Everyone living in Switzerland is obliged to take out compulsory health insurance, commonly known as LAMal. But this represents a considerable cost. To help people on modest incomes, cantons have set up subsidies to cover part or all of their health insurance premiums. The canton of Vaud is no exception. How do subsidies work in Vaud? How are entitlements to health insurance subsidies calculated by this administration?

Health insurance subsidy in the canton of Vaud: what you need to know

The canton of Vaud considers that the health insurance premium should not exceed10% of household income. Thus, the administration allocates a contribution to all households whose compulsory health insurance costs represent more than 10% of their budget. Please note that this does not cover the cost of supplementary health insurance, but only the compulsory part of health insurance.
The canton automatically pays the subsidies for people who meet the requirements to their health insurance fund. The latter then deducts the amount of the subsidy from the premium and calls on its policyholders to pay the balance if there is one.
Subsidy amounts and criteria are reviewed annually by the Vaud administration. However, it is not necessary to reapply for a health insurance subsidy if people already benefited from it the previous year. The subsidy is automatically renewed provided their situation has not changed.

Calculation of entitlement to Vaud subsidies

The calculation of entitlement to health insurance subsidies from the canton of Vaud varies according to the situation of each insured person.

Elements used to estimate subsidy entitlement

To calculate the amount of the subsidy, the canton of Vaud takes into account the income of the applicant and any other people living in the applicant's household. More specifically, the Vaud administration bases itself on the determining income and the reference premium i.e. the cantonal average premium.
It should be noted that people receiving income support and/or AVS/AI supplementary benefits automatically benefit from total coverage of their health insurance premiums.
After analyzing these elements, the canton of Vaud awards two types of subsidy:
  • The ordinary subsidy
  • The complementary subsidy awarded to households whose health insurance premium costs still represent more than 10% of their income even after the ordinary subsidy has been paid.

The monthly amount of the ordinary health insurance subsidy in the canton of Vaud

The monthly amount of the ordinary subsidy awarded by the administration of the canton of Vaud varies enormously depending on:
  • The age of the applicant
  • His family situation
  • His determining income
  • Whether or not he/she has dependents.
In addition, the canton updates the subsidy amounts every year.

The monthly amount of the complementary health insurance subsidy in the canton of Vaud

As with the ordinary subsidy, the monthly amount of this complementary subsidy varies according to many elements. What we can remember is that this supplement can, depending on the situation, make it possible to double the amount of the initial subsidy.

Applying for a subsidy in the canton of Vaud

All persons domiciled in the canton of Vaud wishing to benefit from a health insurance subsidy must follow a precise procedure.

How to apply for a subsidy in the canton of Vaud?

The canton of Vaud allows its citizens to apply for a subsidy in two ways:
  • Online from the canton's website
  • At a social insurance agency
The services of the canton of Vaud draw the attention of insured persons to the fact that this procedure is completely free of charge. Companies offering to submit subsidy applications for a fee have in no way signed a partnership agreement with the administration.
After examining the file, the applicant is informed by mail whether or not his or her request has been accepted. In the event of a positive response, the payment of the subsidy begins on the 1st day of the month following submission of the application. As a reminder, the subsidy is paid directly to the health insurance fund, which is responsible for deducting it from the amount owed by the insured.

What documents do I need to provide?

People submitting their online application must:
  • Provide themselves with their latest tax ruling
  • Scan their identity card or residence permit, as well as that of their cohabitant if they live in a joint household;
  • Scan their training certificate, if applicable
Those wishing to file their application with a social insurance agency must come equipped with the following documents:
  • Health insurance policy for all members of the household
  • ID
  • Proof of income and wealth for all members of the household
  • Study attestation for adults still studying
  • Any specific document enabling assessment of their personal situation
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