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Sanitas CallMed phone number

Contact partner: MedGate
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What is the Sanitas CallMed model?

Sanitas offers the CallMed model for telemedicine in basic insurance. In the event of health concerns, the Medgate telemedicine platform will be your first point of contact. A Medgate doctor will then advise you on the best solution for your situation. In the event of treatment requiring a visit to a doctor, you will be free to choose either the general practitioner or the specialist.

What are the advantages of the CallMed Sanitas model?

  • In case of emergency, the MedGate platform is available 24/7 to respond
  • A MedGate doctor sends prescriptions directly to the pharmacy of your choice if needed
  • You are free to choose the date and time of a teleconsultation with a doctor
  • Prescriptions and reimbursements governed by the LAMal
Alexis Milon
Updated on: 01.02.2024Written by Alexis MilonHead of health insurance department at Comparea.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Emergencies, preventive gynecological examinations, maternity benefits, vaccinations, dental treatment.