Desensitization: What does KVG/LAMal cover?


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Allergy and KVG/LAMal coverage

Basic health insurance covers allergy medication prescribed by a doctor. Note that allergy treatments are often inexpensive. There will be no need to adjust your deductible for these expenses.

Does the LAMal cover desensitization?

Basic insurance also covers desensitization treatments if the practitioner draws up an agreed invoice and applies the current tariff.
On average, a desensitization treatment can cost between 2,000 and 3,000 francs, but will therefore be fully covered by basic insurance (LAMal) There will therefore be no need to take out supplementary insurance.

Allergy and desensitization: what does supplementary insurance reimburse?

Allergy treatments are offered through natural medicine. The majority of these treatments are covered by basic insurance in cases where they are carried out by a licensed doctor or therapist.
However, the majority of therapists as well as methods are not recognized by the LAMal and are not reimbursed.
In this case, it will therefore be necessary to take out supplementary insurance covering alternative medicine.
Alexis Milon
Updated on: 01.02.2024Written by Alexis MilonHead of health insurance department at Comparea.
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Frequently Asked Questions

All allergy treatments, including desensitization, are covered by basic health insurance if prescribed by a doctor.