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What is a deductible?

The deductible corresponds to the annual amount payable by the insured for his or her healthcare costs. Once this amount has been exceeded, the health insurance fund takes over responsibility for covering the costs.
Once this amount has been exceeded, the insured also pays the co-payment, or participation. This corresponds to 10% of the amount of healthcare expenses, capped annually.
The health insurance fund is then responsible for the remaining sum, once the deductible and co-payment have been deducted.

What are the deductibles for adults?

  • 300 CHF
  • 500 CHF
  • 1000 CHF
  • 1500 CHF
  • 2000 CHF
  • 2500 CHF

What are the deductibles for children?

  • 0 CHF
  • 100 CHF
  • 200 CHF
  • 300 CHF
  • 400 CHF
  • 500 CHF
  • 600 CHF

What are the premium reductions per deductible?

Premium reductions by deductible for adults:

Deductible Reduction in annual premium
300 CHF No reduction
500 CHF 140 CHF
1000 CHF 490 CHF
1500 CHF 840 CHF
2000 CHF 1190 CHF
2500 CHF 1540 CHF

Premium reduction according to deductible for children (Up to 18 years) :

Franchise Reduction in annual premium
0 CHF No reduction
100 CHF 70 CHF
200 CHF 140 CHF
300 CHF 210 CHF
400 CHF 280 CHF
500 CHF 350 CHF
600 CHF 420 CHF

Which crossing should I choose?

If the amount of your benefits reimbursed by basic health insurance does not exceed CHF 2,000 per year, it is more attractive to subscribe with deductible CHF 2,500. You must also be able to pay CHF 3,200 without difficulty, should the need arise. If these criteria are not met, it makes more sense to take out a policy with a 300 CHF deductible.

Comparea's choice

If you're young and in good health, we recommend the franchise 2'500 CHF. This will save you money on your health insurance premiums.
In the event that you have health problems, visit the doctor frequently or have expensive medication, it's more worthwhile to take a 300 CHF deductible. If your healthcare costs become excessive, you may no longer be able to pay them. In this case, your insurer will take over.

How do I change my deductible?

Unfortunately, it's not possible to change your deductible during the year.
You can change your deductible once a year, by registered mail. Any change of deductible will be effective on January 1 of the following year, provided that the registered letter is sent to the health insurance fund before November 30 of the current year.
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Updated on: 01.02.2024Written by Alexis MilonHead of health insurance department at Comparea.
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Frequently Asked Questions

You can change your deductible each year. Insureds must send a registered letter to their health insurer before November 30 of the current year, requesting a change in their deductible. The insurer will then consider the change of deductible on January 1 of the following year.
For example, if I send an e-mail before November 30, 2021, my deductible will be revised as of January 1, 2022.