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What is alternative medicine?

The term "alternative medicine" refers to the remedies, services, treatments, methods, disciplines of alternative, gentle and natural medicine. Unlike more traditional medicine, alternative medicine uses neither chemical molecules nor drugs to treat patients. Thus, alternative medicine is often associated with natural medicine.
Common alternative medicine practices include traditional and ancestral treatments, but also more modernized treatments.
Basic insurance covers the costs of five treatment methods:
  • Acupuncture
  • Anthroposophical
  • Homeopathy
  • Traditional Chinese medicine
  • Phytotherapy
But there are many other alternative medicine methods and treatments that can be covered by complementary :
  • Anthroposophical
  • Osteopathy
  • Kinesiology
  • Magnetic therapy
  • Electrotherapy
  • Naturopathy
This list is not exhaustive and may be updated to include other alternative medicine disciplines.

What are the differences between conventional and alternative medicine?

In conventional medicine, the body is treated by external means such as drugs or operations.
In the case of alternative medicine, the focus is on optimizing the body's self-healing and finding the right balance between mind, body and environment to ensure holistic treatment of health.

What does basic health insurance cover?

Basic health insurance covers anthroposophic alternative medicine, homeopathy, phytotherapy, neural therapy and traditional Chinese alternative medicine. These alternative medicine methods are regulated by law and billed on the basis of the TARMED medical tariff, on condition that they are provided by a doctor whose training in this discipline is recognized by the Swiss Medical Association (FMH). Any consultations with practitioners who are not FMH-recognized will not be reimbursed by compulsory insurance.

What is reimbursed by supplementary insurance?

It is possible to obtain reimbursement for other treatments and alternative medicines by taking out supplementary insurance. This will give you greater flexibility in your choice of alternative medicines and their benefits.

Are drugs from complementary medicine covered?

Health insurance companies partially cover alternative medicines. Once cost sharing has been deducted (co-payment and deductible), basic health insurance only covers drugs on the list of specialties.
This list may also include medicines derived from phytotherapy, anthroposophy and homeopathy.
Please note: Supplementary outpatient insurances frequently include medicines not covered by basic insurance.

What types of alternative medicine does my health insurance cover?

All health insurers have a list of recognized alternative medicine methods, drugs, doctors and therapies that they cover. The so-called Registre de la Médecine Empirique (RME) is a seal of quality available to therapists, supported by many health insurance companies, enabling you to apply for complementary treatments to optimize your health.

In summary?

In the field of alternative medicine, treatments are varied, ranging from anthroposophic medicine to modernized treatment methods. A recognized therapist uses different therapeutic methods to help his or her private clients find a balance between mind, body and environment. In short, alternative medicine seeks to evolve traditional treatment methods towards more holistic approaches.
Strict criteria apply to the reimbursement of these treatments by basic health insurance. Treatment methods are regularly updated in the medicine register, guaranteeing the quality of care provided by Swiss doctors and recognized therapists.
For long-term treatments and alternative therapies, supplementary insurance can offer more extensive insurance cover, depending on individual needs. Treatment costs are also taken into account, which can be particularly advantageous for expensive treatments such as Chinese medicine or other recognized therapeutic methods.
Ultimately, supplementary insurance is crucial to maintaining optimal health. It ensures policyholder satisfaction and covers treatments tailored to their specific needs. It offers financial protection and peace of mind in the event of an accident or long-term treatment. Finding a reputable doctor or therapist is simple thanks to the resources available online, and customers can choose from a variety of options to tailor their insurance cover to their unique medical needs.
In conclusion, health remains at the forefront of both conventional and alternative medicine. While conventional methods focus on external means such as drugs and operations to treat ailments, alternative methods aim to appeal to the body's own self-healing. The costs and fees associated with these alternative methods may vary, but basic insurance covers a range of alternative medical services, underlining the importance of considering these options to preserve and improve our overall health. Taking out supplementary insurance also offers greater choice when it comes to alternative medical services, enabling individuals to tailor their approach to health to their specific needs, while controlling the associated costs and fees. Ultimately, the diversity of alternative medicine methods offers valuable alternatives and complementary support for our long-term well-being and health, taking into account the potential costs and fees of these approaches.
Don't hesitate to ask us to find out more about all these services. Also ask your doctor or therapist for expert advice.
Finally, Comparea is available for all other requests: changing the insurance model, modifying the insurance, changing the deductible or simply looking for information. Online services, such as our premium calculator or insurance comparator make health insurance management easier, based on accurate data while guaranteeing personal data protections.

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