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Would you like to take out a 3rd pillar with Swiss Life to build up a respectable retirement capital? However, you may not know which pension products to turn to, or which of them will be best suited to your situation? Find out without further ado.

Savings insurance 3rd pillar

There are five savings insurance products available from Swiss Life, each with its own advantages. However, the Privilege option is available for all of them and aims to extend risk cover should your situation change, without the need for a health check.
  • Swiss Life Dynamic Elements Duo: savings insurance that is both classic and linked to fund units, allowing you to mix security and returns.
  • Swiss Life FlexSave Duo: payment of a guaranteed minimum at the end of the contract, payment of premiums by Swiss Life in the event of disability and guaranteed minimum in the event of death.
  • Swiss Life Premium Comfort Duo: life insurance linked to investment fund units for pillar 3A or 3B, very attractive return opportunities, free change of fund portfolio.
  • Swiss Life Premium Vitality Duo: insurance cover in the event of a long interruption in gainful employment, choice of investment funds, guaranteed death benefit or premium deduction in the event of disability.
  • Swiss Life Immo Elements Duo: 95% of savings premium invested in real estate funds and 5% financed by Swiss Life.

Swiss Life Protection risk insurance

This Swiss Life 3rd pillar provident solution provides financial protection for you and your loved ones in the event of accident, illness or death. If your situation forces you to stop working, you will be entitled to a pension after the waiting period you have set, until you are able to resume your gainful activity or, failing that, until the end of the contract. The amount varies according to the severity of the situation:
  • if the disability is at least 66.66%, you will receive 100% of the benefits in instalments;
  • if a death should occur, your beneficiaries can obtain the full death benefit immediately.

The Swiss Life Calmo Pillar 3a life annuity

With this pension product, you have the option of setting up an annuity for life, giving you greater clarity in your budget planning. It's the ideal solution if you want to benefit from a regular income when you retire, and safely invest your Pillar 3A assets. What's more, this product brings a few additional benefits:
  • the total annuity amount is guaranteed by Swiss Life for all your years;
  • you can choose how much you want to pay in and when, depending on your needs;
  • the Swiss Life Calmo offer includes financial protection, enabling your beneficiaries to recover the remaining capital in the event of your death.

The Swiss Life 3A Start 3rd pillar

This contract gives you great flexibility, since you can divide investments between the 3A 3rd pillar account and securities, to once again combine security and yield. It is also possible to add risk coverage for maximum payout protection. Many other privileges are available to you with the Swiss Life 3A Start 3rd pillar, including:
  • attractive tax benefits since you can withdraw the payments from your income and benefit from capital taxed at a reduced rate;
  • the freedom to choose when and how much you wish to pay in;
  • the possibility of easily modifying the allocation of investments ;
  • an interest rate currently at 0.10%;
  • guaranteed savings targets that you can increase or reduce as needed;
  • attractive net returns thanks to the support of investment groups linked to the Swiss Life Foundation, usually dedicated to institutional investors.
All Swiss Life's 3rd pillar pension solutions have the same objective: to enable you to enjoy your retirement while protecting your family financially. All that remains is to choose the offer that best meets your expectations, mainly in terms of security and returns. To do this, it may be useful to get in touch with a financial advisor who will be able to recommend the best possible choice for your profile.
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Updated on: 31.01.2024Written by Joffrey MaitreHead of private provision department at Comparea
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