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Finding the most suitable retirement provision is not always easy. At Raiffeisen, the retirement provision offer is divided into several solutions. To help you make sense of it all, find out what the provident account is, what the Raiffeisen 3rd pillar rate is or what the provident fund is for.

The Raiffeisen 3A third pillar or provident account

With the Raiffeisen provident account, you prepare for retirement by investing funds in your 3rd pillar. The provident account represents a perfect supplement to your 1st pillar and 2nd pillar, in other words to your AHV and pension fund.

Benefits of the Raiffeisen provident account

Opening a provident account (or third pillar 3A) has many benefits:
  • all payments for your retirement are tax-deductible;
  • the provident account is not taken into account in your assets;
  • you benefit from a preferential interest rate compared with a savings account ;
  • financial guarantees are provided to cover your loved ones in the event of death or disability;
  • at Raiffeisen, account maintenance is entirely free of charge;
  • the funding method is free since you have the choice of funds to pay into your retirement account as long as the total amount is not exceeded.

Maximum retirement account amount and Raiffeisen 3rd pillar rate

In 2022, if you are insured with a pension fund, you can contribute up to CHF 7,056 to your Raiffeisen retirement account.
On the other hand, if you are not dependent on a pension fund, you can pay into your 3rd pillar up to 20% of your income, not exceeding the sum of 34,416 francs.
Swiss banking institution Raiffeisen is offering an interest rate of 0.1000% in November 2022, set to rise to 0.2500% from December 1, 2022 for the pension account.

Raiffeisen pension funds

Maximizing your retirement provision at Raiffeisen through investments is possible on a pension fund.

Benefits of the Raiffeisen provident fund

This financial product allows you to:
  • benefit from attractive returns thanks to market financing;
  • adapt your provident fund according to different investment strategies;
  • benefit from securities selected by Raiffeisen for their sustainability;
  • invest capital frequently with the Raiffeisen provident fund savings plan.
The provident fund is an option not to be overlooked, and may prove more profitable in the long term than the Raiffeisen provident account for claiming a nice retirement.

Raiffeisen investment strategies

At Raiffeisen, there are four different investment strategies so that your provident fund can be tailored to your profile.
  • Income strategy: sustainability-oriented investor, moderate risk, medium- to long-term investment, 25% of available pension fund assets invested in equities.
  • The Balanced strategy: similar to the Income strategy, 45% of pension fund assets invested in equities.
  • The Growth strategy: suitable for a long-term investment horizon, higher risk-taking, 65% of pension fund assets invested in equities.
  • The Equities strategy: similar to the Growth strategy, higher risk, 95% of pension fund assets invested in equities for Pension Invest and 100% for Systematic Invest.

The third pillar 3A digital

Raiffeisen's pillar 3A digital makes it quick and easy to manage your pension account and pension fund investments.

Advantages of Raiffeisen's 3rd pillar 3A digital

The e-banking solution offered by Raiffeisen offers multiple advantages:
  • you have one and the same space to have control over your banking and your retirement provision;
  • the digital 3rd pillar is very easy to use and allows you to invest your retirement capital on the stock market;
  • no need to travel all the way to our branches to get advice on your retirement account;
  • the possibility, even if you can manage your retirement provision digitally, of requesting advice by telephone or directly in a Raiffeisen branch.

How to sign up for a 3A digital third pillar?

The procedure to follow is very simple to sign up for a 3A digital pillar at Raiffeisen.
Log into your Raiffeisen e-banking space and click on "Pensions".
Follow the instructions on your screen to open your pension account easily, then make your first payment.
If you'd like to invest your pension funds in stock market securities, just answer a few questions to get advice on the Raiffeisen investment strategy that best suits your needs.
In summary, Raiffeisen's 3rd pillar rate currently stands at 0.1000% but is set to rise shortly. Their varied offering offers the privilege of choosing between several options: the provident account, the 3rd pillar 3A digital, as well as the provident fund. Each of these financing solutions has its own advantages.
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