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To realize your plans for the future, save or provide financial security for your loved ones, you need to look into the private pension offer that will meet all your expectations. At Pax, the 3rd pillar includes a multitude of pension and insurance options...

Fund investment

This pension solution offered by Pax satisfies a need for long-term savings, so you can build up a respectable estate throughout your life. Investing in funds is also interesting for other reasons:
  • tax savings;
  • changing the fund to a lower- or higher-risk investment;
  • protecting your loved ones in the event of death;
  • insurance in the event of disability;
  • adapted retirement provision;
  • several fund portfolios actively managed by Pax Asset Management;
  • excellent legal security on this financial product in Switzerland.

The Pax LifeStar fund investment with guarantee level

Just like the previous pension product, the Pax LifeStar fund investment also allows you to build up substantial wealth and can suit all profiles. Nevertheless, this one is much more flexible and therefore offers additional advantages:
  • premium financing according to your situation and possible capital transfers from a 3rd pillar 3A or 3B;
  • variable premium distribution;
  • possible pillar change;
  • reallocation of funds five years before the end of the pension contract in a low-risk investment ;
  • an age limit of 70 in pillar 3A and the possibility of concluding the pension contract up to five years after the legal retirement age;
  • an additional option concerning benefit increases without the need for a new health check.

Pax 3rd pillar savings life insurance

Once again, this is an ideal long-term pension solution, which can be taken out from the age of 40 and offers a guaranteed full payout. What's more, with Pax savings life insurance, you benefit from:
  • intermediate insurance if you come up against financial difficulties during the policy period;
  • an extension of the pension solution if you continue to work until age 70;
  • tax advantages linked to free and linked pension provision (3rd pillar 3A and 3B);
  • investment of allocated surpluses in a portfolio of Pax funds or paid directly to beneficiaries.

Pax disability and death insurance

In the case of disability insurance, this is risk coverage that supplements 1st and 2nd pillar benefits by guaranteeing you an income in the event of accident or illness if you can no longer work. Pax death insurance, on the other hand, is designed to protect your loved ones financially, and does not offer any additional savings options. On the other hand, it does include a few privileges:
  • few questions about your health when you take out the policy with Pax;
  • funeral expenses that can be insured;
  • additional benefits if a critical illness is diagnosed, leading to early death;
  • with the Dynamic option, the policy adapts automatically without a health check.

Children's insurance from Pax

At Pax, the 3rd pillar includes a provident offer for children. Parents, grandparents and other family members can take out this insurance to guarantee financial security for their children. This provident solution gives you:
  • flexible risk coverage, covering two people (a child and an adult);
  • insured capital accumulation even in the event of the adult's death or earning incapacity;
  • access to the full range of Pax investments, to claim attractive returns.
At Pax, the 3rd pillar offer is therefore comprehensive and adapts to everyone's pension needs. The various coverages offer great flexibility, and the fact that Pax Asset Management handles in-house management is a guarantee of expertise and security. What's more, since Pax is a cooperative, its customers are member-policyholders who can benefit from a sustainable surplus policy. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of our 3rd pillar pension advisors.
Joffrey Maitre
Updated on: 31.01.2024Written by Joffrey MaitreHead of private provision department at Comparea
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