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In order to build up capital for retirement, it makes sense to look at the various pension solutions available to you. Migros Bank and its 3rd pillar offer you a selection of attractive products, including a savings account, pension funds and a digital solution.

Migros 3rd pillar pension account

To enjoy a comfortable standard of living when you retire, it's essential to make secure and economically attractive investments. Thanks to the retirement savings account offered by Migros Bank, you have complete freedom to choose the amount of your payments, as long as they don't exceed the legal limit, and enjoy many other advantages :
  • the sums paid in are tax-deductible;
  • the interest rate is higher than that of a conventional investment savings account;
  • your retirement capital benefits from compound interest over the long term ;
  • a capital withdrawal that is spread over several years can offer you a reduced tax burden;
  • you have the option of investing all or part of your provident fund in Migros Bank funds;
  • account maintenance and the main associated fees are free of charge.
Please note that to optimize your capital, it is advisable to make your payments at the beginning of the year, as interest is earned on December 31. In addition, opening a 3rd pillar provident account can be a savings solution to plan for right from the start of your working and professional life.

The Migros Bank provident fund

Investing in investment funds can enable you to achieve good long-term return prospects. This service is available to people aged 18 and over, who live and work in Switzerland. At Migros Bank, account opening, closing and maintenance are free of charge, as are statements and the purchase/sale/custody of pension funds.
The latter offer a number of advantages:
  • you have the opportunity to invest in funds with broad diversification, which reduces the risk of price fluctuations;
  • sustainable strategy funds enable you to make investments in companies where environmental, social and economic values are paramount;
  • you can buy or sell pension funds from as little as 50 francs, and whenever you like;
  • you can choose between five different investment strategies, depending on your investor profile and your expectations in terms of returns and risk-taking;
  • each year, you receive a statement reporting the performance of the investment funds in which you have decided to invest.

Migros Bank's MiFuturo 3rd pillar online pension plan

This is an ideal solution for opening a pension plan quickly and, above all, very easily online. What's more, it lets you choose where to invest your capital from among four responsible pension funds to suit a variety of needs. All you need to do is answer a few questions to determine which investment strategy suits you best. You must also be at least 18 years of age, work and live in Switzerland, and have a Swiss cell phone number.
MiFuturo online retirement planning offers you great flexibility, as you no longer have to visit your Migros bank to manage your retirement capital. The so-called "cockpit" area allows you to view your online pension account balance, your performance or even payment-related information.
On the other hand, you have the option of:
  • transferring another retirement account or deposit belonging to you to the MiFuturo online solution, by filling in the form present in the cockpit;
  • a portfolio of up to five MiFuturo products;
  • an easy change of investment strategy from the cockpit.
In conclusion, Migros Bank's 3rd pillar offer includes the traditional provident account, perfect for secure savings, a provident fund if you have in mind investing your retirement capital, as well as a digital solution, making the process easier: the MiFuturo online provident. Ask an expert for advice to find the solution that's right for you.
Joffrey Maitre
Updated on: 31.01.2024Written by Joffrey MaitreHead of private provision department at Comparea
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