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Are you planning to buy a property, become self-employed or save for your retirement? The BCV pillar 3A savings account should suit you, but there are also other products that might interest you among BCV's 3rd pillar offer...

The BCV pillar 3 savings account

This pillar 3A savings product allows you to prepare for retirement by earning attractive returns thanks to a variable interest rate, higher than for traditional savings. Opening a BCV account also means taking advantage of these benefits:
  • the pace and amount of payments are totally free;
  • the sums deposited in the BCV account are tax-deductible;
  • the capital is not subject to wealth tax until it is withdrawn ;
  • the mortgage can be indirectly amortized thanks to the BCV pillar 3A savings account;
  • the capital can be recovered no earlier than 5 years before retirement, which entitles you to further tax benefits;
  • legal privileges are granted in the event of succession or bankruptcy.

The BCV Libre passage account

For people who find themselves in the following cases, the BCV Libre passage account seems to be a good solution:
  • your gainful activity is stopped temporarily;
  • your employer has changed and it is impossible to pay the entire libre-passage into his pension fund;
  • you want to start as a self-employed person.
Thanks to the BCV vested benefits account, you can maintain your 2nd pillar pension if you find yourself in one of the situations mentioned.
The BCV vested benefits account is quite similar to a Pillar 3A savings account in terms of advantages, while securing your capital. The vested benefits deposit, on the other hand, offers the possibility of investing funds in the financial markets but involves higher risks.

The Portfolio 3

BCV's 3rd pillar offer also includes the Portfolio 3 deposit, which complements the Pillar 3A savings account in terms of benefits. As a result, you can take advantage of:
  • attractive tax breaks;
  • high-yield opportunities;
  • free brokerage fees.
Nevertheless, access to the financial markets included in Portfolio 3 represents risk-taking, unlike the BCV Pillar 3A savings account. Moreover, amounts paid into this account can be invested in units of investment funds, either automatically or from time to time. Four investment strategies are available: BCV Pro Patrimoine, BCV Pension 25, BCV Pension 40 and BCV Pension 70. Your BCV 3rd pillar advisor will advise you according to your profile and plans.

The RP Rente certaine

This is a 3rd pillar savings solution offered by BCV partner Retraites Populaires. This annuity is paid out over a period specified in the contract, even if the insured dies before the end of the payment period. RP Rente certaine can also be used to quickly cover any income shortfall. Last but not least, it represents an excellent solution for realizing attractive projects in the early years of retirement. What's more, this pension product allows you to benefit from:
  • interesting tax advantages, just as with the BCV Pillar 3A savings account and other BCV 3rd Pillar pension products;
  • a secure investment guaranteeing additional income;
  • a clearer budget organization;
  • an assured, regular annuity for your loved ones.

La RP Rente Viagère

Like the 3rd pillar savings product seen above, the RP Rente Viagère is a life insurance policy from Retraites Populaires. As soon as the capital is paid into the BCV account, the contract starts, guaranteeing a regular income for life. There are four variants to this contract:
  • the exclusive, which allows the capital invested at the outset to be returned to the beneficiaries in the event of the death of the insured person;
  • the classic, which also returns the capital invested at the signing of the contract to the heirs should the insured person die, but deducting the annuities already paid ;
  • the maximal, which offers higher annuities but allows no repayment in the event of death;
  • the altruistic, which continues annuity payments after death, in favor of the beneficiary designated by the insured.
So you should be able to find what suits your needs among BCV's 3rd pillar offering. To protect your loved ones, life insurance seems to be the right choice. If you'd like to invest with Portfolio 3, talk to a 3rd pillar savings advisor to find out more about investment strategies. Finally, the BCV savings account and BCV vested benefits account offer a secure solution.
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