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For a better standard of living at retirement age, BCN and its 3rd pillar offer you a choice of three pension solutions, each offering multiple advantages. Depending on your needs and profile, discover the Épargne account, risk coverage or the investment fund savings plan.

The BCN 3rd pillar savings account: conditions

Before opening an Épargne 3 account with BCN, it makes sense to look at the conditions required:
  • you must be at least 18 years old;
  • you must have a job subject to AVS (Assurance Vieillesse et Survivants) or AI (Assurance Invalidité);
  • there are no fees on transactions, nor on account maintenance ;
  • the maximum payment in any one year is 7,056 francs if you have a 2nd pillar and 20% of your declared income if you are self-employed, not exceeding the sum of 34,416 francs. This limit may change each year.
The capital present in the BCN Epargne 3 account can be recovered under several conditions: you wish to work for yourself, you have reached retirement age (or 5 years before), you have moved out of Switzerland or you are receiving a federal disability insurance pension.

The advantages of opening a BCN Epargne account

At BCN, the 3rd pillar offers you many benefits, particularly in terms of tax advantages. Firstly, you can deduct the annual payment into your Epargne 3 account from your taxes. What's more, this capital is not subject to wealth tax. Interest payments are not subject to income tax either. Finally, when you decide to recover the capital, reduced taxation will then be levied.
The BCN Epargne account also allows you to enjoy many other advantages:
  • you are completely free to choose the pace as well as the amount of your payments;
  • you can continue to make contributions up to a maximum of 5 years after retirement age, provided you are still gainfully employed, whether self-employed or not.

The Epargne 3 account with risk coverage

BCN's 3rd pillar offer allows you to set up a retirement provision that is designed to complement the 1st and 2nd pillars. One of the solutions available is the simple version of the Epargne 3 account, which we have just looked at.
It is possible to add risk cover to this, for added security. This option gives you the opportunity to take out insurance in the event of death or disability, and to be completely free of contributions. It's important to note that in the event of the insured's death, the capital is protected and paid out to the beneficiaries, without being included in the estate, as stipulated in the regulations of the Fondation Épargne 3 de la BCN.

The BCN investment fund savings plan

If you have projects in mind or return objectives, the BCN investment fund savings plan solution may be right for you. For example, perhaps you'd like to buy a property, or simply build up capital for your retirement? If so, the BCN savings plan can help you make investments, at a regular pace and automatically, thanks to the amounts paid into your Epargne 3 account. In order to claim a higher return over the long term, part or all of your capital can be converted into investment securities, and managed by experts in the field.
From as little as 100 francs a month, you can decide to invest regularly in various investments to gradually build up your wealth. Here again, you can choose how much to invest and how often. In any case, the savings plan offers a more attractive return than a traditional savings account. What's more, BCN offers you brokerage and custodian fees up to CHF 10,000.
Summing up, BCN offers you a variety of savings solutions to ensure you have a great retirement and can realize all your projects, thanks to the Epargne 3 account, with the risk coverage option. The mutual fund savings plan is also complementary to the Epargne account and can be very attractive in terms of return.
Joffrey Maitre
Updated on: 31.01.2024Written by Joffrey MaitreHead of private provision department at Comparea
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