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When you're young, the question of personal pension provision, also known as the 3rd pillar, doesn't really come up. Yet it's a vital subject, and it's important to master all its aspects. At Axa Winterthur, the 3rd pillar includes various pension solutions, from savings plans to investment plans to risk insurance...

Axa 3rd pillar Smartflex pension plan

At Axa Winterthur, you can opt for the Smartflex pension plan, as part of the 3rd pillar 3A and 3B, which allows you to put money aside for your retirement. Axa's 3rd pillar also includes insurance in the event of death or disability. Other benefits included in this pension plan include:
  • 100% guaranteed secure capital in Axa's tied assets, as well as guaranteed return-oriented capital up to the current value of fund units;
  • online access to your 3rd pillar contract and Axa services;
  • low investment fees;
  • investment risk control thanks to offer customization;
  • choice of your investment themes;
  • investment diversification;
  • possibility of changing investment themes at no extra cost.

Axa Winterthur 3rd pillar risk insurance

To anticipate a possible event difficult to overcome, such as death, illness or accident, the Axa 3rd pillar offer includes risk insurance to provide financial security for your family. Moreover, if you are no longer able to work, whether temporarily or permanently, you will still be able to receive payments thanks to this insurance.
In the event of a disability rate of at least 25%, you will be granted an annuity and exempted from paying the premium. You can also combine this offer with a 3rd pillar pension contract.
Death insurance also offers many advantages:
  • it allows you to protect your loved ones by rapidly paying out the capital;
  • it allows you to benefit from tax reductions in the event of bankruptcy;
  • it can also be combined with an old-age pension;
  • you can choose the amount to be paid into your 3rd pillar.

Axa EasyInvest payout plan

At Axa Winterthur, the 3rd pillar includes a free investment service incorporated into EasyInvest wealth management. With this payment plan, you benefit from an individual investment portfolio that provides you with a regular additional income, as well as the following benefits:
  • the programming of the amount and date of instalments according to your needs;
  • reduced fund management fees;
  • the assurance of maintaining control over your investments thanks to the online customer portal available at all times ;
  • Axa's financial experts take care of selecting, monitoring and exchanging investment funds;
  • attractive terms and cost transparency, particularly with regard to the ETF range;
  • the opportunity to discuss the risks of your investment strategy with your 3rd pillar pension advisor.

Axa EasyInvest Wealth Management

Axa's 3rd pillar offer also provides you with EasyInvest Wealth Management, which enables you to make professional-style investments with the help of a personalized investment strategy and flexible, transparent costs. Not only is there no fixed term to the contract, but you can also take advantage of investment conditions that allow you to benefit from low investment costs. This is possible as soon as the amount of 7,500 francs is exceeded.
Axa Winterthur and its individual 3rd pillar pension offer also leave you free to choose your investment strategy:
  • a personal, individual strategy, drawn up with the help of a 3rd pillar pension advisor according to your needs and expectations as well as your risk profile;
  • a strategy combining ETFs, index funds and actively managed funds;
  • staggered investments to limit risk;
  • an Axa pension fund investment management.
For your individual pension provision, no doubt you can find what you need in Axa Winterthur's 3rd pillar offering. The most important thing to remember is that it's essential to anticipate retirement in order to protect your loved ones through risk insurance, for example, or by saving or opting for an advantageous investment strategy.
Joffrey Maitre
Updated on: 31.01.2024Written by Joffrey MaitreHead of private provision department at Comparea
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