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Perhaps the SARON mortgage is the ideal alternative, if you want to take advantage of a variable rate, indexed to the Swiss market. It's important to understand how the SARON mortgage works, before taking out this type of loan.

What is SARON?

SARON is an average interest rate between the Swiss National Bank and commercial banks. Calculated by SIX, it is the daily reflection of rates charged in the country.

What is the SARON mortgage?

The SARON mortgage is a mortgage loan, the rate of which follows this national indicator. It is therefore a kind of variable mortgage.

The advantages of a SARON mortgage

A mortgage is the most economical solution, for accessing home ownership. With the SARON model, you can make valuable savings, with regular indexation to market rates. If this solution no longer suits you, most banks offer the option of converting your commitment to a fixed-rate or variable-rate mortgage.

The disadvantages of a SARON mortgage

The main disadvantage of the SARON mortgage remains in the uncertainty, of the rates that will soon be charged. If he can also have difficulties anticipating his monthly expenses with this alternative.
Valery Chantepy
Updated on: 31.01.2024Written by Valery ChantepyHead of mortgage department at Comparea
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