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Raiffeisen is a reputable bank. In particular, it offers its customers high-quality online services, even for applying for a mortgage. It also provides reassuring transparency, about how it operates. In particular, you'll be able to follow the evolution of your credit rates, if you don't choose a fixed rate.

The Raiffeisen mortgage calculator

Raiffeisen has set up a mortgage calculator, to make your project a reality in just a few clicks. Enter the purchase price of the property, the amount of your equity and your annual income. You'll get a mortgage simulation. We'll then arrange a meeting with you to make your project a reality.

Raiffeisen interest rates

With Raiffeisen, you can take advantage of a fixed-rate mortgage, or a variable-rate mortgage. In the second case, you benefit from market fluctuations. If rates fall, so does the rate on your mortgage.

The SARON Flex mortgage

The SARON Flex formula is an excellent alternative. Here too, you can take advantage of variations in your interest rate, with SARON as the variation indicator. If this model no longer suits you, you can freely convert your mortgage to another, more suitable product.
Valery Chantepy
Updated on: 31.01.2024Written by Valery ChantepyHead of mortgage department at Comparea
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