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BCV is THE emblematic bank of the canton of Vaud. It offers a wide range of products, including mortgages. This solution may offer you the opportunity to bring your projects to fruition.

The BCV mortgage simulator

Like many brands, BCV offers you its own mortgage calculator. By simply entering the value of the property, the amount of your equity and your annual income, you'll get a project simulation. If you want to go further, you can make an appointment with a BCV advisor. You will be asked to provide supporting documents in order to study your file.

Mortgage rates

BCV offers rates between 2.45% and 2.80% on fixed mortgages. The shorter the mortgage term, the lower the rate. You can also choose a variable-rate mortgage or a SARON mortgage. The wide range of products offered by this brand will enable you to find the one that suits your profile.

Repayment of the mortgage with BCV

Repayment, also known as amortization, can be made directly or indirectly. Once the mortgage has expired, you can renew your loan. The conditions, such as the rate and the new commitment period, will be renegotiated with your advisor.
Valery Chantepy
Updated on: 31.01.2024Written by Valery ChantepyHead of mortgage department at Comparea
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