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Motorhome insurance involves other issues than a simple car insurance. While it's important to be insured for the damage you cause to others, the owner of such a vehicle can also choose other options. Insuring against external elements or taking advantage of coverage for the things you transport, the possibilities are numerous. Our team takes you on a tour of all the things you need to know, when it comes to motorhome insurance. You'll see that it's sometimes possible to get a good deal, if you have the right reflexes.

What cover should you take out to insure a motorhome in Switzerland?

Here are a few examples of the coverages you could take out, for motorhome insurance.

Insurance for foreigners crossing Switzerland in a motorhome

If you're reading this article, you may not be Swiss. For travelers wishing to cross Switzerland in a motorhome, you should know that only civil liability insurance is compulsory. It provides cover for others in the event of damage caused by the motorhome driver.
It is imperative to have at least this type of insurance to cross Switzerland. Without it, the driver is liable to 3 years' imprisonment, in the event of an at-fault accident.

Motor third-party liability for the Swiss

For Swiss motorhome owners, you'll need to take out at least what's known as motor third-party liability. Here too, the aim is to protect third parties who may be victims of an accident caused by the motorhome driver.
Beware, the latter should not be confused with private civil liability. If you already have this type of policy, you'll still need to take out motor liability insurance. Private civil liability does not cover in the event of a road accident.
Furthermore, it's important to stress that drivers who make do with this cover will have no reimbursement if they are responsible for a claim, or if the damage comes from an external cause that is not a third party.

Partial casco for a motorhome

To benefit from broader coverage, it's possible to access the partial casco insurance level. Under the latter, the driver is covered for damage to the vehicle caused by external factors.
It will thus be possible to be covered in the event of damage to the vehicle due to bad weather, collision with an animal or glass breakage. This guarantee also applies in the event of theft or fire.
Note that for theft, it generally takes 30 days for the insurance company to consider that there has been total damage, and for any reimbursement to be triggered.

The relevance of a collision damage waiver

To obtain what is known as comprehensive coverage, you need to add a collision damage waiver. This insures the driver for collisions for which he or she is responsible. It may therefore be possible to receive compensation for repairs to the car. The insurance can also cover bodily injury.

The complementary personal effects taken

When it comes to car insurance, it's also possible to insure personal effects taken. This coverage is all the more relevant when it comes to motorhome insurance. It can cover items used inside the motorhome, such as crockery, household appliances or different fittings.
If you choose to take out this option, be sure to check that the amounts insured are consistent with the value of the personal effects. You must also have the invoices for the items for which you would like to be compensated in the event of a claim.

The own damage guarantee

The own damage guarantee is also relevant for a motorhome. It guarantees the owner in the event of damage caused to himself. For example, if a fire is started, due to misuse of the electrical appliances, the insurance may offer cover.
The damage can also be much more conventional, such as scratching your own motorhome.

Assistance and the provision of a loan vehicle

Most of the time, the motorhome is used for vacations. So it's quite possible that in the event of a breakdown or accident you'll be far from home. By taking out an assistance option, you can tow the vehicle to a garage.
The loan of a vehicle may enable the motorhome's occupants to continue moving around. Whether you're at home or abroad, it seems necessary. You won't have to pay for a rental car, which can be expensive.

Protection against damage abroad

As a Swiss, you can also take out insurance against damage abroad. This coverage insures you, even if the legislation of the country you're visiting does not impose civil liability on all drivers. This means that if you suffer damage, and the driver does not have civil liability, you will be compensated by your own insurance.
Please note that not all companies offer this type of cover. Nevertheless, it may be worthwhile acquiring it, if you wish to travel beyond Switzerland's borders.

How to find cheap motorhome insurance?

There are several methods for finding cheap motorhome insurance.

Understanding premium calculation

First and foremost, insurance premium calculation takes into account several elements such as:
  • The motorhome to be insured: its value, power... Etc.
  • The insured's profile: age, gender, number of years licensed... Etc.
  • The driver's history on the road.
All these elements will enable the insurer to assess the risk he's taking by choosing to insure the motorhome.

Compare insurers' quotes

To find the cheapest motorhome insurance, it's still advisable to compare several quotes. In addition to price, you'll also need to analyze the coverages offered by the insurance company's proposal.
To make your research work easier, you can rely on online insurance comparators. In just a few clicks, you can obtain rates from several insurers, as well as all the options included.
Furthermore, it remains important to get quotes from other insurers on a regular basis. Competition between companies can save you money. Changing insurers is often simple in administrative terms.

Influencing the price of the premium

To lower the price of the premium, the insured can:
  • Choose a motorhome with lower power,
  • Buy a used motorhome,
  • Prefer European brands, for which spare parts are cheaper,
  • Have agood behavior on the road to have a significant bonus.

Which insurer for motorhome insurance?

We have chosen to select two insurers who can offer you interesting insurance for a motorhome.

TCS: insurance designed for motorhomes

TCS offers Motorhome Insurance up to 7.5 tons. We've selected this company, for its ability to offer attractive rates, for people who already have a car insured with them.
You'll also be able to take advantage of some interesting options, such as the possibility of full reimbursement in the event of total damage.

Allianz: a benchmark group in Switzerland

Allianz is also a group that offers insurance specifically designed for motorhomes. In particular, you'll find interesting options, such as insurance of things transported, bonus protection or protection against claims abroad.
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